New Game Mechanics

Imagine Eve Online had walking, driving, sailing mechanics. Imagine you could land on a planet and hop in a land rover, drive to a village and set up an oil rig. Or land at Jita Trade hub and walk around in the station looking at auctions. Just imagine. I know it would take tons of dataspace and servers etc but still


I hear there is a game called Star citizen, very good. Quite Finished. Very Optimized


Yea, i have heard of that apparently its very buggy tho :frowning:

I imagined, and see no point … would continue playing EvE instead.


That game is No Mans Sky. It’s actually pretty great for that sort of stuff.

The problem with this is that you’re imagining tacking a bunch of things that have nothing to do with EVE onto EVE. Implemented by a company that can’t even get core EVE issues right half the time.

Imagine away, but personally I’d prefer if they’d get primary EVE mechanics like wardecs, contracts, bounties, and PvP working properly before they start trying to slap sideshows on it.


Dust 514
Captain’s Quarters.

CCP does not have the ability to do any of that.

As CCP I hate saying this… CCP knows how to make a game about space ships with the systems for people to play the game. However they have no idea how to do anything else and have shown not enough desire to do that.

Just read up on the development of the other games CCP has tried to put out. WOD for example was a ■■■■ show. The people working on that have described CCP Management as being basically being like working at Initech with managers like Bill Lumbergh. I literally would not be surprised if there was a poor programmer in the basement surrounded by boxes that wished they could see the married squirrels out the windows, during that period of time.

EvE online is a shell that the player base has turned into a game on their own. It is a very good shell. A shell that had CCP had the desire to make a connected high sec PvE story driven narrative for people to play through they could have done so in the last 20 years. They have had the time… just not the desire.

They have created a series of disconnected, and often rambling or just disappearing archs. While also not just ignoring but, often encouraging players harassing players that want a high sec PvE element, driving them away. Leaving the game to the people that create their own fun in low sec and driving away players that want a PvE experience. (to which the remaining player bases says great, which is why in 2004 23-26k (I think after Exodus or Cold War their was 45k on at some point and it was a big deal) was a good number of accounts online and it still is today)

As such CCP isn’t going to suddenly decide to expand the world again. Particularly because they failed at EVERY attempt that wasn’t EvE. Sold off White Wolf to Paradox and then themselves were bought out by Pearl Abyss which has 0 incentive to innovate beyond boob physics which is around the time all their other projects basically stopped.

The irony is that Pearl Abyss seems to have made EvE more focused and that has helped the game as the Dev’s work on the game and the Lumbergh’s are kept in check.

In the end EvE makes a profit. The people that play it enjoy it, generally, and there are lots of other options of none space games for others. As long as that stays the same EvE will live a long life and it won’t change all that much.

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We are already in a submarine simulator flying submarines through goo. What more do you want?


I have presented an underwater version of Eve Online in the past. Basically the oceans of each world would be like solar systems. To access a new world you could take a common underwater gate or bridge worlda using a generator.

The only downfall is that laser, vorton and blaster based weapons couldnt be used. Projectiles would be main weapon where blunt force kinetic and explosive damage would be the norm.

A sailing version would be interesting.

Drop a Corax in the water, fit it with a propeller and lasers and off you go. Or add a sail to Corax.

Dust 514 was really good…

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I do imagine it from time to time.

–Gadget can dream

Einstein was wrong.

AEther exists in New Eden.

–Relative Gadget

As someone who (once upon a time) got super excited about Incarna and the promise of walking in stations, let me just say: no thanks.

Go watch a few Star Citizen demo videos on Youtube. Sure, it looks cool, at least at first. But keep watching, and after a while you’ll find that the gameplay becomes very tedious.

I want to board my ship, fly into space, and do cool stuff.

To do that in EVE: select ship, right-click ‘Make active’, click Undock. You are in space (time: 10 seconds). Go do cool stuff.

In Star Citizen: leave your apartment, take an elevator, hop on a tram to the spaceport, walk through the spaceport, go to some terminal where you request that your ship be brought out, wait for your ship to be brought out, board your ship, and then manually take off and fly into space. You are in space (time: 15-20 minutes?). Now go take a nap because you are already bored out of your mind just to get to this point.

Maybe the first time, it’s cool and interesting. But the hundredth time? If I need to buy modules or ammo, I don’t want to have to walk around a virtual shopping mall with a virtual shopping cart, go through a virtual checkout line, and lug my stuff to the virtual parking lot. I avoid shopping in real life because of all that annoyance, why would I want to have that experience in a video game that I’m (ostensibly) playing for entertainment?

Sometimes “realism” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the better approach is to abstract the boring stuff and focus on the fun stuff.

Note that none of the above should be taken to imply that I’m not interested in CCP releasing a separate first-person game also set in the EVE universe and integrated in some fashion with the existing game. I liked Dust514, and thought it had some serious potential that CCP self-sabotaged with platform choices and non-sensical limits as to how the shooter did and did not integrate with EVE. (e.g., what happened to orbital strikes from allied EVE players? Or boots on the ground warfare against PI installations? Vapor.)


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