Astrotech looking for Pilots!

Tired of the same ol’ ships? Want to try something new that no one has done before? Come have a chat and find out what innovative things we have going on!

hehe hung out with friends and shot some stuff and got to watch a nice light show while we were at it! Newbro and Vets alike we have a place for ya’ll so stop by our discord and chat with us.

Still looking for new pilots! Newbros, Vets! all of ya’ll that are looking for a fun friendly close-knit group that like to shoot stuff!

Good group to fly with! good FCs who find fights…

Back to the top! Just like our fleet participation stats are month after month!

Flew with these guys tonight. baited out a good fight over a station (and killed it). it’s tru they are good teachers if you want to learn some PvP.

Do you like new and shiny? Our members get the big and shinnies :slight_smile:

Joined the Astro team over the summer. These guys have some serious PVP and Null smartz cant reccomend them enuf, with amazing FC’s who deliver great content - newbros and vet friendly alike.

Come fly with us (proividing you dont keep bees or look after pandas) :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking for moar EU & US TZ (Moar Moar om the EU)

Went and shot up this jump jump bridge (again) with some friends to stir up the hornets nest… Was. Not. disappointed. :smiley:

We havea place for all, newbros just looking at null and PvP, to our bitter vets that end up teaching and leading fleets (and being softies at heart, every one of you are and you know it… but i’ll keep your secret)

so stop by and chat with us on our discord…

When your corp mates are like family, you know you’ve found a good place. Come chat if you’re ready to learn more!

Getting bored of high sec? Want to see ships other than your own explode? Check out Astrotech Syndicate. We focus on nullsec PvP but collectively we’ve done it all, PvP, PvE, Indy, exploration, Fleet command, shopping the FC’s head onto inappropriate images…

we would NEVER do that to an FC… Cackles Maniacally

Having fun on a fleet? I can’t think of one when we haven’t. If you’re not enjoying the game, come let us help you enjoy it.

had another nice ol scrap with some folks… sadly we didn’t come out on top that time but them’s the breaks.

if PVP is a thing you want to learn or try to learn… we can help you…

if you’re a bitter vet looking for a home… we can help

all you have to do is drop by our discord and say hi!

We’re excited about the new nul sec storms. Want to know more? Come visit and find out how it can help you!

heh they didn’t like us being there… they sent a few large gifts our way :stuck_out_tongue:

We are still looking for good pilots!! USTZ and now building up our EUTZ as well so come and chat with us!!

Do you have goals? We can help you achieve them

PvP… We do it and love it. big fleets, small fleets, filament fleets we love it all! New bros, bitter vets middle of the road, we have all types of pilots. So if you’re unsure about PVP or want to try it out and learn, then come chat with us in our discord!

This cluster…

turned into this very nice sight.

Our newest members are enjoying the spoils of war. Come have a chat to find out how you could fit in