Asymmetrical Warfare- NPC Null USTZ PVP Corporation

(Skayarck Arran) #1

Visit our recruitment forum:

Asymmetrical Warfare is a corporation that is currently based in Syndicate

We are USTZ with activity going on until early AUTZ

What we offer:

  • Medium sized fleets and fights

  • Small gang roams

  • Capital Fights

  • Black ops

What we require:

  • 20 million SP on a main

  • Active Pilots

  • Be self sufficient

  • Willing to train into doctrines

Any questions?

  • Discord:
  • Join our ingame channel: TAKLD
  • Mail Skayarck Arran or CharleytheChair
  • Message Skayarck#4218 or Chair#9017 on discord

(Skayarck Arran) #2

Looking for members to build the corp.

(Skayarck Arran) #3

Looking for some top members for elite maneuvers

(Skayarck Arran) #4

Still looking for top members to have some fun without sov.

(Skayarck Arran) #5

Still looking for exceptional people to fly in Syndicate with

(Skayarck Arran) #6

Looking for members to fly with!

(Skayarck Arran) #7

Had a couple good fights this weekend and looking for more people to join on!

(Skayarck Arran) #8

Looking for new friends to play eve with and have some cool maneuvers.

(Skayarck Arran) #9

Looking for people to help fill out our fleets

(Skayarck Arran) #10

Join the team today!

(Skayarck Arran) #11

Join a building group trying to do big things

(Skayarck Arran) #12

Still looking for people interested in joining the team

(Skayarck Arran) #13

Looking for members of any skill level or experience

(Skayarck Arran) #14

Had some fun this weekend and got some cap kills. Message Skayarck#4218 on discord if interested in joining or join the “TAKLD” channel ingame.

(Skayarck Arran) #15

Dread brawls and super cap baits, if you’re interested join today

(Skayarck Arran) #16

Inquire today!

(Skayarck Arran) #17

Picked up a couple new members and looking for more

(Skayarck Arran) #18

Out here having fun without needing to be in a giant alliance. Come join us and build a group.

(Skayarck Arran) #19

Looking for friends to join the team

(Skayarck Arran) #20

Looking for more members to fly with and have fun outside of the blobs