Asymmetrical Warfare- NPC Null USTZ PVP Corporation

Visit our recruitment forum:

Asymmetrical Warfare is a corporation that is currently based in Derelik

We are USTZ with activity going on during Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones

What we offer:

  • Medium sized fleets and fights

  • Small gang roams

  • Capital Fights

  • Black ops

What we require:

  • 20 million SP on a main

  • Active Pilots

  • Be self sufficient

  • Willing to train into doctrines

Any questions?

  • Discord:
  • Join our ingame channel: TAKLD
  • Mail Skayarck Arran or CharleytheChair
  • Message Skayarck#4218 or Chair#9017 on discord
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Looking for members to build the corp.

Looking for some top members for elite maneuvers

Still looking for top members to have some fun without sov.

Still looking for exceptional people to fly in Syndicate with

Looking for members to fly with!

Had a couple good fights this weekend and looking for more people to join on!

Looking for new friends to play eve with and have some cool maneuvers.

Looking for people to help fill out our fleets

Join the team today!

Join a building group trying to do big things

Still looking for people interested in joining the team

Looking for members of any skill level or experience

Had some fun this weekend and got some cap kills. Message Skayarck#4218 on discord if interested in joining or join the “TAKLD” channel ingame.

Dread brawls and super cap baits, if you’re interested join today

Inquire today!

Picked up a couple new members and looking for more

Out here having fun without needing to be in a giant alliance. Come join us and build a group.

Looking for friends to join the team

Looking for more members to fly with and have fun outside of the blobs