Asymmetrical Warfare- NPC Null USTZ PVP Corporation

Looking for people who want an experience away from the big groups

Still around and looking for people to have fun with

If you want a break from the null blobs and politics we might be what you’re looking for

Had some people join this weekend and we’re starting to do small gang roams. If interested be sure to reach out with any questions!

Looking to get some more guys in the corp to help have some fun

Almost daily pvp fleets and content!

Feeding dreads like it’s 2015, inquire inside

Doubled in size in the last week and daily fleets. Looking for more who are interested in joining.

Inquire inside

Had some really good fights this weekend and looking for more people to join

Looking for new friends to join the group

Growing quickly and always looking for new dudes

Message me on inquiring to join

Looking for new friends to join the group. Doing lots of small gang roams recently

Some fun fleets and fights this weekend

Getting blobbed by Snuff like its 2019, join up and get some fun fights!

New friends welcome

Doing some small gang PVP and trying to get better at the game

We lose the best jf’s in fleets

Alliance is growing, get in on the ground floor