At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues

We certainly would! Sounds like you’d fit in well!

Drop in an app at and/or drop into Bootstrap Pub in game and hopefully we’ll see you soon

Still open for pilots looking for opportunities to get first hand experience of the cold hard vacuum of space, in either null or wspace!

Our industrial base is growing fast and we have vacancies for miners, explorers, industrialists and logistics experts both those who are interested in some proactive PVP, and those who are not

Still looking to diversify our homemade frozen corpse collection

Mature members from all backgrounds and timezones welcome

We have achieved a milestone 10 days without losing a venture which tells me that either:
A: we’ve got really good at not crashing
B: our recruitment has slowed up during my holiday

Whilst our scientific study to validate this is ongoing, there is mounting evidence that this is not the result of Option A.

So if you are looking for a new corp this weekend, take advantage of today’s Fridayness and get ahead of the crowd by applying today at

Our scientific study has been invalidated due to the loss of a venture part way through.

Take that science!

Hi mate, this looks interesting to me.

Here’s my mindset, fyi: Knock Knock Nyu
Ad my skills, too:

Looks like you’d be a great fit and I’ve sent you a corp invitation in game. I look forward to flying (or building) with you!

It’s already Sunday - you have no time to lose if you want to join us before the end of the weekend!

However if you’re reading this on Monday, my commiserations, but the good news is you can actually join us any day of the week (we accept time travelers who wish to come back to Sunday as well)

Wash away those Monday/Tuesday (depending on your timezone) blues with a quick blast of rocket fuel leaking out of one of our well maintained Ventures!

It’s been 2 days since our last Venture was wrecked in what our website describes as a “totally avoidable piloting error”

Clearly a piece of shrapnel from the wreck broke the glue on this post because it seems to have slipped down again

Let’s hope for everyone’s sake it stays put this time…

Let’s bump this up a notch… done.

I’m loving the replies to this, it’s kinda funny.

I am an electrical engineering student irl who does a lot of political advocacy, so I really like how this corporation speaks to the struggles of actually having a life away from EVE. I tend to play EVE a couple of hours every night, and I live in the US, so hopefully that can work out time zone-wise. I sent in my app already, so you can do the fancy background check things y’all do.

I just started around a week ago, so I’m a newbie with 450,000 SP. It looks like mining, industry, and doing agency missions is what I really want to do, although it’s still kind of up in the air for me because I’m still new. I’m looking to learn, explore, and have fun playing EVE in a casual setting with others.

Sounds like you’d fit in great!

I’ve seen your application and it’s in progress now

We now have an active member base in US, EU and AU timezones. I’d like to expand Asia for balance (that’s a hint if you’re reading this from there :slight_smile: ) but because we are real life first, you’ll find people online at all sorts of times of day and night!

More miners are required to supply trit to our Venture replacement programme!

Hi there, two of us are looking for a mature, laid-back, drama free place to work and play in nullsec. Your corporation sounds very interesting, and we’d like to know more.

Thank you!

I’ve tried a couple of times to contact you in game - give me a shout when you’re online so we can discuss further

Bootstrap Mining : Purveyors of Scrap Metal Since 2006

Unable to secure adequate stocks on the market we continue to make our own!

It’s Eve O’clock on a Friday… and if you’re looking for a new corp then check out our new applications page!

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Looking for PVP pilots to join our growing combat wing and break different sorts of ships for us!

Nostalgia time! First Corp I ever joined back in '06 (another account). Awesome.