Knock Knock Nyu

Hi guys, pretty skilled char coming back after ages. Eve has always been my favourite game, but the time it takes is always been too much. After some epic null huge fights (the very first ones with locals in the thousands and force time dilation :smiley: ) i slowly moved to industrial side of things, getting pretty heavy at it.

I am thinking to give eve a chance again, but basically i have:

  1. very few time
  2. will never (or almost never) be logged in during the weekends, let’s say since thu until sun
  3. most of the time i would like to support industry backbone for the corp (i don’t need money, i have plenty, and i don’t need to sell in corp - these were the haters arguments at the time)
  4. cloud developer, nonetheless (yeah, eve tools and all the fuzz, youknow…)

Basically i’d consider coming back only for fun.

Any useful spot for a grandpa like me ?

Check my skills on eve skillboard if you want details.

Fly safe

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Hi mate

We are trying to get our corp going, most of our guys are both indy and pvp
We are looking for people that like to play with out the drama

Have a look at our corp add and see what you think. We are only small at the moment but would like to get a good core crew together

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