Athanor Tractor Beam

Having a Tractor Beam module for the Athanor would increase the input and output of a refinery by tractoring the jet cans and jet cans only used for mining moon ore.

The Athanor would have a range of 75 km from the refinery itself. It would have a tractoring velocity the same as a MTU but could be overheated to provide a 20% increase in tractoring velocity.

The tractor beam would place the captured jet can in a separate hangar that was only accessible to the Athanor manager. A email would be sent to both the jet can miner and the Athanor manager detailing what the jet can contained, who it belonged and when it was tractored into the station as another level of ensuring audit security for both parties involved.

This method would free up both corporation contracts and personal contracts for when they are needed, such as in an alliance pull out or emergency move.

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