Tether range extenders!

Now that the brutalization of Medium structures is well on it’s way, why not to implement another bonkers idea?

I present you the Standup Tether Range Extender!

This high slot module, when active, will greatly increase Upwell’s Medium Drilling Platform’s (the Athanor) tethering beam projectors capabilities, at the cost of considerable increase in fuel consumption.

Module stats:

  • module tier level: T1
  • module type: active
  • available fitting slot type requirement: high
  • concurrent number of modules fitted to a single structure: 1
  • activation cost: 120 fuel blocks
  • module cycle time: 900 seconds
  • structure fuel usage modifier while active: 1.25
  • available extended tether beams: 10
  • range of extended tether beams: 150 km
  • extended tether beam assignment: random
  • allows docking range extension: false
  • extended tether beam duration: 20 seconds
  • extended tether beam cool-down period: 300 seconds
  • can be fitted to structure type: Athanor

There. Now take it apart! :slight_smile:

But why?

why make some sort of cooldown when you are locked behind cycle time anyway?

Do you even know how or rather when fuel is consumed?


Did you even checked orca align time?

Ignoring OP total lack of game mechanics knowledge. It looks like someone just want “I win” button to save moon mining fleets. Which is dumb by itself but even more dumb considering advantages to moon mining fleets, structure already provide.

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As with any and all ideas conceived when the coffee/tea mug is empty but willingness to resume work is yet to reach appropriate readiness, it is rushed and rough around the edges, of course.

All questions and remarks are legitimate at this point, so let’s address them, shall we? :slight_smile:

Why not? There is potential for it to bring something new to the gameplay.

Two separate properties. One pertains to fuel cost (Cycle Time; more on that later) and the other imparts a limitation on the modules functionality. The idea behind this limitation would be to prevent perpetual tethering for up-to 10 vessels within 150 km off of the Structure, which would have the potential to significantly hinder other [legitimate] play styles.
In short:
Ten of you get the chance to save yourselves when dropped on.

I believe it is an hourly fuel withdrawal from the Fuel Bay. While this might only pertain to Service Modules, not High-, Medium- or Low-slot modules per say, I am basing this on the assumption that this is doable within the code (we are in the Features & Ideas forum section for a reason).

To put this into numbers…

An Athanor fitted with a Drill and a Reprocessing module consumes 312 fuel block per day [base], which makes 13 fuel blocks consumed on the tick-over of every hour. With the Tether Range Extender active, it gains a +25% multiplier on the base consumption, making it

312 * 1.25 = 390/day
390 / 24 = 16.25/hour

Rounding up, four blocks per hour at the approximate cost of 15k ISK per fuel block makes, what, 60k/hour running cost? Maybe I should change the value of that attribute from 1.25 to at least 2.0? :wink:

Of course, this is EVE, apparently a sandbox, so there is always the option to have a dedicated gunner switching it on and off for each hourly tick-over and save the fuel cost, soo…

Johnny has a little corp
out, mining the rocks,
ten barges and a little Porp,
wearing purple socks.

Then Jackie lands her kitchen sinks,
seeing easy targets.
But Johnny shouts out “Hey, this stinks!”
and his fleet drop locks for miners.

One of Johnny’s mining fleet, while complying and aligning,
gets caught by Jackie, explodes to bits, for ever barred from mining.

“But how? And Why?”, you shout in awe, “Tether range is handsome!”,
yes, but see, their numbers’ eleven
and the module, onlined proper even
assigns ten beams by random.

(i apologize for this, it’s just one of those days…)

It would be unreasonable for me to claim to know everything there is to know about Orcas, since my experience with building and flying those hulls only dates back to the Apocrypha expansion (took me that long to build the 1st one, yes), but even if it was the case, it would be irrelevant.

Fitting and usage (higgs rigs, alignment, Industrial Core state, links timers, etc.) modify the answer to your question heavily, prohibiting a suiting answer.

Not to mention this module is not intended to be an “I win button”?

This all is in good fun, yes?, it being a game, so allow me to ignore the well received attempt on banter, flyting perhaps, and step over it with an amused smirk :wink:

What I would sincerely appreciate, risking going off topic, if you could enlighten me in regards of those advantages to moon mining fleets you claim the structure already provides.

And as a side note, this module does nothing against bubbles in Null. Just thought I mention this, lest we forget there are other areas of space than HighSec.

Alrighty, my coffee mug is empty again. Looking forward to reading what you have to fling my way (if any) tomorrow again :slight_smile:

PS, I wonder if we will reach the ad hominem phase of internet interactions in the second round already.

Could you be more concrete?

What is the purpose of this suggestion?

Basically just a chance to save up to 10 mining fleet vessels when dropped on. Nothing less, nothing more. Making it less of a “shooting fish in the barrel” it is now.

Why not just warp the fleet to tether?

Or do you think the miners who aren’t paying attention should be saved too?

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Nobody who does not pay attention deserves a change to be saved. This idea postulates a 20 second duration of the long tether. One has to be at the keyboard and awake to align and warp within those 20 seconds.

And there is still bumping (on rock, by ship…), bubbles (in null), factors preventing warp (indy core) or tether (boost timers, drones out too, i think? or is it only fighters?, target locks…).

This is in no way a “guaranteed saved” proposal.

So this proposal is to give the ‘slow miners’ an extra 20 seconds to react?

Why do they need extra time to react?

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Time to react is the same.
This is 20 seconds to get off field (not get pointed) for ships that cannot fight back to begin with vOv

Why do they need to get 20 seconds to get off field if they react at the right time?

Also, why can miners not fight back?

No. It annoys me enough people can tether at all. Being in space with the potential to be aligned should come at the risk of being shot.

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