Should we have a true tractor beam

THis could be used as an option that could stop and bring ships in though I think this sould be limted to battle cruisers and above

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Sounds like a script for a grappler.

lets make it happen that way then

What would it do, impart a magnitude of some product of velocity and force on a ship?

Would it be like adding some speed to a ship in the direction towards you, so a 2000 m/s ship flying towards you would go 3000 m/s and flying away it would only go 1000?

Sounds like either this mod would be too powerful or it would get completely overshadowed by the Stasis Webifier, which can be used not only to approach targets but keep them at range too.

Why? This is not STO


I would use this to perpetually troll miners by physically dragging their ships hundreds of km out of the asteroid belt. Some people just don’t think things through…

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If you did that in highsec, you’d get corcorded. And if you did it in lowsec or null… I guess they deserved to get trolled if you can catch them. (Not to mention, hundreds of km out, they could just warp back to their rocks. )

please try webbing a highsec miner
also link kill if you would

Then I’ll just keep bumping them with exactly zero interference from Concord…

Theeeere we go :wink:

I think it can work.

The differences are obvious, web is mid slot. Tractor beam is high slot and eats much much more cpu/pg so you can’t really use it instead of web without sacrificing dps.

Now, why would you use it then? I see it useful for Orca - can keep shields in mid for tank and provide the webifier-kinda benefit with high slot. Also capital ships - way to deal with ceptors.

Or you just fit both - wouldn’t that workaround the stacking penalties? Not sure if webifier has them…

Well either way, I would love to see tractor beams to get some love, what about:

  • low/mid slot modules, or better rigs , increasing tractor beam range/speed
  • capital tractor beam for citadels allowing the player who controls citadel to loot stuff

Tractor beam is very cool thing, but I just don’t see it useful outside noctis due to its small range.

I don’t like it. It would create even more calculations to do for the server between the ticks if new velocity or vector effects are added to the game mechanics. And these must be distributed to all clients on grid to keep them in sync. Its another source for errors and possible desyncs/disconnects, with little actual benefit to gain.
I’d rather see the technological advancements of better hardware and connections used for faster gridload, less TiDi, bigger battles or a reduction to 0.5s per tick somewhere in the future for smoother gameplay rather than having ever more complexe flight mechanics. Sry.

Ooh, this would completely change the game. Will sub-2s be enough still?

No idea if 2sec align would still be enough with faster ticks. Probably not in the most extreme cases (ceptors + remotesebos), but I wouldn’t care for it that much because the benefits of smoother gameplay (ideally “realtime” with delays only created by client ping, but no server could handle this ^^) absolutely outweight the preservation of old limits people have become used to. If instant-tackle becomes an issue, it can be adressed by rebalancing the target locking mechanics in a way that even the fastest locking ship with the maximum amount of boost cannot lock the fastest aligning ships in less than 2 seconds.

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