Small tractor beam rigs

This is a short one and something that would benefit a few ships, without stepping on the Noctis:

Small, medium and large small tractor beam rigs.

Rig one would increase the speed of the small tractor beam by 15% for the tech 1 rig and 20% for the tech 2 rig.

Rig two would increase the range of the small tractor beam by 15% for the tech 1 and 20% for the tech 2 rig.

If the rigs should be stacking penalized, I am not sure but they would benefit some smaller ships when they are fit to loot, like a t1 destroyer for example.

sure, so long as the base values of tractor beams are nerfed to accommodate. I don’t see any reason they are in need of a buff at the moment.

And if they do need a buff is a rig the best way to do it?

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I dont think this would step on the Noctis but also I think you would want literally anything else in that slot unless you were a noctis. If the noctis job was to salvage you could use the salvage righs and if it was to loot you could use the tractor rigs. Any other ship you are going to be fitting for tank cap, fitting or damage before this.

I have a quartet of DD that would like to speak to you.

They idea came to me when I was adapting to live in nullsec and the dangers lurking wherever you go.
I used a Cormorant to do the job of a Noctis and I wondered, if it would break EVE if those tractor beams could have a speed increase of approximately 20-ish %.
That way I would not need to slow down and wait for the tractor beams to get in range again.
Whenever you travel for a while with your mwd on, you lose the tractor beam item and even with the slow cormorant, you “outrun” the beams.

You would think, now comes the part, when someone tells me to fly slower. That would be one option but you also wanna be done at some point.
Those DED complexes can have wrecks all over the place and you don’t wanna fly with sub 1000m/s.

Sounds like your problem would be solved with the addition of a friend.

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