Salvage Bonuses to Marauder

Now that there are MTUs, the Marauder bonus to Tractor Beams is not so great. I would love to see Marauders get a bonus to Salvagers so I can salvage while destroying things.

Marauders are fine as is…
In fact you can try to fit 1 tractor beam, 2 salvagers, plus 5 salvage drones in conjunction with your MTU…

Trust me such a setup for missioning works wonders, saves time having to reship to a noctis.

We have Noctis.
And it supposed to be a command work.
But due mechanics malfunctioning it is out of profit.

So on my opinion it’s better to rise profitability of ‘command work’ than make one-for-all utilities.

Marauder’s could have the bonus that what ever they kill get’s automatically salvaged and sent to cargo lol would be insanely cool


And a citadel doomsday, 300 heavy fighter launch tubes, a market rig, a compression array, a sooper dooper manufaction plant, a docking ring for your corp mates, a jump drive that doesn’t need a cyno, a unicorn that sprinkles glitter and pees beer.

That would make for some rather strange pictures xD lol

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Marauders are fine, their tractor range bonus is not. It should has better range. We’ll have tweaks to BS targeting range, why not tweak to tractor range bonus.

Tractor beam should pull ships towards it one for frig two for cruiser three for bc that activate your salvager and watch your ship eat other one alive,


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Could be really cool, really OP thou haha imagen the tracking you would get, also CCP would have to write a lot of new code for that.

The cool thing with the marauder is that the compacted guns leave lots of slots for tractor/salvage but also helps with pvp too by allowing space for more utility, swamping the tractor bonus to something that helps for both pvp and pve might be a better way of approaching the ship since as you said mobile tractor kind of void the marauder’s uniqueness as any ship can do this now.

If I had to think off the top of my head what It could be replaced with without much coding, I would say smart bomb range bonus, It’ll give marauders something unique for pvp and pve.

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