Marauder Bonuses

With MTU’s and Mobile depots I feel Marauder’s have lost some functionality that helped make them unique.

A marauder by definition is someone who travels around pillaging and plundering. A couple of small changes could immensely help them become a mini fortress that can wander far from home without needing to come back for air as often.

  1. A cargo bay dedicated for salvage materials. I know salvage doesn’t take up much space. But every little bit counts when your are on the road.

  2. A bonus to salvage drone speed.

  3. A module unique to Marauders that imitates the MTU. Lets face it. The tractor bonuses don’t do much when its a drop and forget mindset for looting and salvage.


Le Sigh…

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I think the last thing Marauders need after their recent buff is another buff.


Marauders can drop an MTU just like any other ship…why would they need something unique that does the exact same thing as something that already exists and they can already use?..

so i’d like to start with saying that when i clicked on this post i had no idea there was going to be anything relating to salvage in this post and that i’d like to comment without it being flamed by other people regarding my other posts (Gerad this is not a crack at you by the way, i’d like that to be clear before i actually get into my post)

I agree with Gerad i don’t think that mauraders should get another buff

it is my understanding that typically mauraders work in teams and have usually been wandering bands
i do like the fact you looked at what a maruader is and all that, i’m not personally aware of any individual mauraders but my history is a little rusty, but seriously props to you for that.

given that they can fit bastion modules they are a forced to be reckoned with already like a skill samurai warrior planting his feet which would be fitting in the game to a marauder.

however i would disagree with the notion of further boosting them to make them more like mini fortresses

I would argue that the bonus to drone salvage speed should be reserved for salvage craft, like the noctis. a maurader has typically been good at pilfering things.

so i could see form of “loot bay” for gathering loot or perhaps some kind of bonus to loot drops from this classification of ships, this way as a maurader you would not be subject to the same loot drop mechanics and are literally fits you more into the role of a pilfering, pillaging, plundering marauder. i get a very pirate-y image from this truthfully and its pretty cool

so keeping your spoils seperate from your equipment i could understand but the cago bay is already sizeable for this.

and regarding the module which imitates the MTU, personally I would just think of using an MTU, mauraders already have tractor beam bonus which would be intended for pulling in wrecks so you can quickly take the loot and move on.

which is very in keeping with what a maurader is.

but regarding salvage, a maurader takes items of value, if a team swooped into a city they’d still the good stuff and burn it down, they wouldn’t take the ashes and charred remains.
however a salvager would, it is true you can salvage with drones and MTU but when you sit in a ship, you take on the role which that ship is designed for and a maurader isn’t intended for salvaging.

so even though i disagree with what you want, I personally see some merit to what you’re getting at, which is more loot and faster. i disagree the loot should be salvage.
which is why i think there could genuinely be a case for change in loot drop rates for mauraders, I don’t know if the game’s code works that way, or would be able to apply that bonus to a specific ship but I think it is fitting for that role to have it. how its balanced is another thing entirely maybe a percentage linked to the ship skill or just a flat role bonus. I personally lead towards the ship skill because I like the idea of more experienced marauders being better at the role they fill and thus getting more loot from it, meaning you want more loot, you prestige into it but thats just my personal preference.

it might be possible that a loot drop increase might be over powered, honestly thats down to better minds than myself, however in keeping with what it is.

do you think that a loot drop ratio change would be better at restoring some of the lost flavour to this role and recover their uniqueness without recieving bonuses to skills intended for other roles?

(this might read as a being sarcastic or rude but its genuinely not intended that way, i’m trying to politely get your opinion)

what does everyone else think?

I think the tractor bonus on the Marauders is fine as it is. It allows easy scooping of the main loot can while in bastion and that is the purpose of that bonus.

If you want to tractor the entire field to salvage and loot it, I suggest a Noctis or MTU.


Yeah, give them three more Rapid guns slots fro Widow and three Rapid Heavy for the others,
or one vorton projector slot to use against gankers.
See Trespassing thread if interested there’s more about it…
Rapid Ammo, Marauder antigankerz slots, Trespassing autokill rights, etc - EVE Technology and Research Center / Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

They are paper tank, my only thought.

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