2018 buff marauders

Why, they are expensive to make, the learning curve is long, the skill curve is expensive, and long, they are fun, they are big, they can solo like a boss.
Today they fit carebear pve role,

kronos before can take entire fleets even a carrier. ■■■■ that was fun. They are ending items. Buff them! Go alone in a op expensive pixels its what make this game great!

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How do you recommend they be buffed? What, in your opinion, is the weakness that needs to be addressed?


salvager bonus mate


Any marauder can already tank the end of time, so I don’t see how it could be buffed any more than they already are.

  • T3 cruiser mechanic (ill do the same for dreads and all capitals)
  • Long skill point curve / same for all capitals doble all requirements using 4-5 slot 3,8msp or more modules on lvl 5 (like jump drive callibration long but for all)
  • Tracking bonus on siege
  • racial special skill or module

So the longer learning curve will scare new player from marauder and capital and give us a decent ending marauder, carrier dreadnoguth, wich today are F1 vessel. If they still wanna inject dude gonna be expensive.

T3 CRUISER MECHANIC can you see now?

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salvage drone bonus


thats what they’re missing


You know Ralph, your salvage drone bonus makes way more sense that what the OP is suggesting.

Like his T3 Cruiser mechanic. I assume he’s talking about skill loss on losing the ship. As for why he wants to make skilling for Marauders and Caps so much longer, well who knows what he’s thinking.

Salvager cycle time reduction !!!


Now on a more serious note back in the day when idea of marauders was presented quite a few people hoped for a khanid type marauder for amarr.
I’d love it if we got new marauders using the tier3 bs hull such as abaddon,Hyperion,maelstrom etc with focus on different weapon systems such as missiles for amarr and minmatar drones gallente and hybrid weapons for caldari.

I think OP was making the mistake of thinking that “required training time” means anything anymore in the age of Injectors. OP thought increasing training time was a sufficient “pain cost” balance factor to justify buffing Marauders into being immensely powerful solopwnmobiles.

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Hey happy new year dear fakes profiles. The idea of maraunder with t3 cruiser mechanic is very old and comented. Maybe you can do your job and read old forums also.

Apocrypha brings the T3 cruiser mechanic wich is amazing, to solve 2 main problems.

Have an ending vessel multifunctional and help reduce frustration of long skill queue ( in that time there was no skill injectors)

This escenario brings sleepers to the game, giving a lot of game content joined with oddysey best ever 2 expansions imo.

Probably you didnt know as you were playing chimpokomon in that time.

Reason why we need long skill queue is to compensate that isk income from capitals and incursions, is the only way. Not nerfing ships that are csm sugesting today, would you like to have a lvl 80 dawrf in shiny 300 usd armor who just can use F1??? and sucks?. Go an play the game.

Do you know can do 2b in 2 hrs in marauder? probably not you never use one :wink:
use the best eve online secret guide to make isk

BTW im so OP i got skills back for free, just a matter to ask right person

I’m confused. OP is gibberish in all his posts. Marauders are too powerful, so buff them?

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I like to think I’m pretty good at reading between the lines, but it’s kind of a challenge here. What I believe OP wants to happen is to see a buff or mechanics change for Marauders that would increase the amount of training involved in their use significantly. This huge training investment would then force CCP to think twice about nerfing Marauders in the future. The fact that they would be solopwnmobiles is secondary to future-proofing them from nerfs.

Two things that OP hasn’t grasped:

(1) The tractor beam bonus on Marauders heavily implies that CCP considers them to be powerful PvE ships in addition to PvP. It’s not an inherently bad thing that they are used primarily for PvE.

(2) I can’t emphasize this enough, but CCP cannot sensibly use “required training time/SP investment” as a significant balancing factor in the era of Skill Injectors. Injectors allow us to trivialize that investment using our wealth, in-game or IRL.

Also, apparently, having played the game for a very long time allows players the privilege of being condescending to their opponent despite failing to bring a decent argument to the discussion.

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Jesus christ!
Have you pvp in mining barge??? or in rorqual?? do you know what a bait is?
I have a miner friend can give you master class.

There is no pve ships on eve kid, there is fit for pve…

Play your game then use your statidistics and you will undestand, why we need a longer skiil queue for capital and ending items. Can you go lvl 80 instantly elf, cow on wow???

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Seems like you quoted the wrong part of my reply, but sure, my wording there could use some improvement.

  • The tractor beam bonus to Marauders implies that CCP designed them with the consideration that they would be powerful ships to use for PvE activities. Therefore, it is not inherently bad thing, or a failure of development, that they are primarily used for PvE activities.

I get increasing the training investment to mitigate capital proliferation. What I do not get is the insistence of increasing the power of these items in addition to their training investment. Why should a Marauder be able to take down entire fleets and even capital ships just because it’s expensive and takes a long time to cultivate the proper support skills to fly it well?

@OP, your gibberish is getting even more crazy. I have no idea what you want, just that you’re angry about it. And that maybe you might not be too bright. I have to assume you’re not a native English speaker, so I’m going to suggest maybe writing an outline in your native language first to get the structure of your text laid out. Carefully follow that outline, writing in complete sentences.

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Nono i quoted the right part, kid. Eve is free to play, you need to find how. Is not about power is about how we use , how we fit them. Is not about money dude.

How you mitigate capital proliferation ? is a real problem. So killing the ending item is the same i insist to nerf lvl 80 armor in wow or wherever. You get a cow and go killing snakes and dogs and you raise level. If you can get instant lvl 80 wich is ok like in GW, you need a way to compensate the gattering of equipment.

CCP are the good guys the problem here are some CSM who are not seeing real problem with capitals becouse they are not in null. Null is were the isk is. There are legions of bots in some systems, players spamming 20 -30 Free to play accounts camping sistems. So fix that and give ending decent items expensive and take moths again to train or adquire. The bad way is nerf. Marauders are not op but they should be complicated like Tengu or others

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and that is a problem?

The CSM should cover every aspect of the game if possible not just put its sole focus into what happens in null. If there are CSM members who dont live in null then its up to those that do to speak up and put their points across clearly so that the others understand what the problems are.

With regards to the pricing of items from null that wont really change as much as you’d like because of the amount of pets living out there renting will keep killing the prices of items. using the X-Type hardeners as an example, before there was so many renters in null, they were 500-600mil each and these days they’re 70-80mil each.

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I have to conclude that OP is trolling.

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