2018 buff marauders

Ooooooh please gief T2 Bastion with weapon bonuses like Siege!!! lol…

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Can you get back to explaining what you want to see changed with marauders? Right now you sound like the conspiracy theorist downstairs, where as soon as you call him out he just starts yelling about something else. Full T2 fitting and the marauder itself is several months of skill training already, I don’t see a reason to add more.

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I think that they should be made less expensive so that they are cheaper than dreads especially after insurance.


That would be most of the tech 2 hulls, really.

HAC are too expensive for what they do. They’ve got some niche uses, but there are better (pirate, T3C, combat BC) hulls available for just about everything they can do.


The base price tag for t2 ships was set to be ten fold of the t1 boat.

Back in the day a t1 cruiser was sold around 4 million isk, so a HAC had an intended price tag of 40m.
All the life forms of nullsec at the time had much litte currency and needed much more currency, so made t2 products “only” 4 trillion times more too much expensive for everyone else.
None of them can fly or fit a HAC properly to this day.

Remove the tractor beam and replace it with something that is useful in todays meta.

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how are tractor beams not usefull?!

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Mobile tractor units exist. You can carry 1 to 2 of them and they will pull 120km out picking up and looting the room in the same time it takes to clear it. Salvage drones after you take care of frigates. So in essence between those two you have 3 to 4 free slots on the ship. So a deployable structure and salvage drones have effectively replaced that entire role bonus as being useful.

Yeah but you cant use an mtu for pulling in that specific thing right there , the thing that i need or im going to die.


What might that be?

A wreck full of cap boosters maybe.


Only changes to Marauders I would make:

  • salvage drone bonus (as stated above)
  • give them a dedicated ammo bay

Marauders bonuses tend to make them better for PVE. I would however support a new T2 Battleship designed for fleet pvp with bonuses such as increased remote assistance or something.

Edit: also to those saying mobile tractor beams replace tractor beam bonuses … no they don’t. Even with my Noctis, I run tractor beams and a MTU. The MTU is MUCH slower then tractor beams, and is best used to supplement, or better yet loot the field as you pull. MTUs go for closest wreck, so use module tractor beams to pull in furthest first. Also, sometimes you just tractor in a specific wreck that has loot required to turn in mission.

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Would you use that to store cap booster charges therefore increasing their survivability further? I’m asking because I checked EFT and a Kronos with HG Askplexians and Strong Exile can tank 2-3 HAW dreads if they have the wrong damage profile.

player choice. Personally, i would love to be able to put fresh crystals in there so when i need new ones i have them. Also would allow for just general reserve ammo. For reference, I’m a PVE player that PVP’s on the side, so my thoughts come from that perspective.

How big do you think it should be?

let’s see: i would say enough to hold 10,000 rounds of ammo, so let’s see the largest ammo for that:

  • L Hybrid Ammo: 250m3
  • Cruise Missiles: 500m3
  • L Projectile Ammo: 250m3
  • L Crystals: yeah <50m3
  • Heavy Missiles: 300m3
  • Torpedoes: 500m3

so 500m3 would do perfectly for the purpose I would like.
I’m okay with reducing the normal cargo accordingly for balance purposes as well.

So 5 more Navy cap booster 3200s since those are ammo that would be long enough for me to get help if a dread or carrier is on me with a few charges to spare because I wouldn’t need to cycle all three to tank a carrier or HAW dread.

I’m okay with reducing the normal cargo accordingly for balance purposes as well. Its more of a QoL change IMO.

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Ah ok makes sense.

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