Tractor beam rigs

Would it be possible to make rigs for tractor beams. Maybe some do range and some do distance so you can mix and match… Very helpful for missions and null and low sec ratting.

Ideas and thoughts please.


Is one of these meant to be speed?

Wouldn’t mind some of these rigs for a noctis/dessie salvager.

Yeah sorry speed. So Have a rig for speed gain. Have one for distance gain. You can have one for less distance more speed or more distance less speed. Or heck mix and match

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bump need more input come on peeps

People still use Tractor Beams?
Why? We have handy dandy MTUs…

why not. but i thinks it’s time to make 4th rig slot for all ships.

This is off-topic. This thread isn’t talking about general ship balance. Just specific tractorbeam rigs.

Go away.

Sounds alright, but what would the drawback be on the rig?

everybody laughs at you.

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