Attacks on the Forums

Aren’t attacks on the forums better to report to the Authorities rather than to report to EVE Online Forums Moderation only as mentioned in the forums Terms Of Services?

Because I am just getting offers to work with authorities about this,
and there are more and more obvious attacks occurring,
also causing undue risk and potential damage to EVE Online systems operations.

I also register copyright of those attacks as it is obvious how they seek to forfeit normal operation by teaming up to attack this operation,
whether in acts of was or other group efforts to do so.

We already found that they were trying to assemble in electronic warfare to distribute their denial of service in DDoS before and how they try to justify it.
I’m sure that management has more details on this.

In fact, I do analysis of that for work and business as well and they offer me real-estate office with the army for it as well.

Public real estate office that is.
Nothing that I have to hide or keep secret about it,
except for the operational information that I need to operate that they seek to attack further.

I’m not sure you used the right term here. Copyright is registration of ownership of content you created. Unless you created the attacks, you are unable to copyright them.

3. - Edit #2 at 13:35 Mon Mar 29, 2021:
The attackers, whoever joins them, don’t limit their attacks against the operational feasibility of systems and against the operational feasibility of communication, but, also sought to expand to other aspect of systems, such as, including, and not limited to, or, exclusively (as if, marginalizing),
economic feasibility, as well as technical feasibility,
with false claims about subject which subject they try to obfuscate to make false claims of damage against themselves,
which they try to use to justify attacks against other systems,
while seeking to forfeit evidence of the attacks they themselves do, to seek to cover their other attacks they seek to use to control over other’s communication if not be spying on them illegally and create operational feasibility in others,
and making false claims about mental illness conditions which they have no authorities to diagnose and even interpret with methods done by falsification of report of those medical conditions which the same medical authorities are making efforts to safeguard,
even causing pandemics to pandemic levels.

It may help to number the number of items they actually do, to do so attack those systems and disregard the intellectual property they attack by omitting their attacks as if it was good for intellectual property to interfere against other’s systems,
without respect to them, while trying to isolate the systems working with others more, and more beneficially,
to try to control other with interference, which interference they should have done to themselves in return due to the damage they sought to get away with, with impunity.

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I’m not sure you used the right term here. Copyright is registration of ownership of content you created. Unless you created the attacks, you are unable to copyright them.

By all means, if you think someone has broken the real world law report it to as many real world authorities as you want to. Posting about real life crimes on the Eve forums isn’t going to do anything for you.


Im thinking this is generated spew


You can register copyrights of attacks against you,
otherwise there would be no points in registering copyrights to protect your work which could otherwise be attacked and you would have no recourse to protect them, your copyright work, in courts.

I’m also against you for it in courts in attacks against me.

That’s a lot worse, there are actual operational war against the same operational feasibility the Special Operation also work with, which you also misrepresent, so, I suggest you can it too.

Posting about real life on the EVE Forum isn’t going to do anything for you.
That is what you are trying to make it seem.
The EVE Forum actually is a real life forum, and they run the system with real life systems which I do so happened to have not only studied but also work for and also do report how you and others tried to make it seem like if it would not do anything for me,
and other attacks directed against me and against my work.

So yes, just because the levels of attacks against operational feasibility in real world about the Systems used here and others doesn’t mean it’s not right despite your efforts to try to do so to me, and how you do so, and how you try to keep it secret after you publish it.

She sure did.



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