**Attention Capsuleers of New Eden: Caution Regarding Upwell Consortium**


Attention Capsuleers of New Eden: Caution Regarding Upwell Consortium

To the esteemed members of the capsuleer community,

I, Stryker Nova, CEO of Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN), address you today with a matter of utmost importance regarding the activities of the Upwell Consortium. With grave concern, I bring to your attention recent revelations uncovered through meticulous investigation and analysis of intercepted communications within CONCORD’s data nodes.

These communications, obtained through the diligent efforts of sympathizers and independent researchers, shed light on Upwell Consortium’s proposals to each of the ‘Big Four’ Empires within CONCORD. I believe the capsuleer community must be informed of these findings, as they raise significant questions regarding Upwell Consortium’s intentions and actions.

The intercepted correspondences reveal that Upwell has approached each Empire with offers to participate in a large-scale cloning program of undisclosed purpose. These proposals are tailored to align with the proclaimed values of each Empire despite the apparent contradictions inherent in some cases. Notably, Upwell has neglected to disclose to any of the Empires that similar offers are being extended to their rivals—a concerning lack of transparency that raises suspicions about Upwell’s true motives.

Furthermore, among the proposals presented to the Empires, a fifth proposal has been discovered, concealed within the others, and seemingly related to a project underway in Auviken. The nature and implications of this proposal remain unclear, warranting further scrutiny and investigation.

I urge all capsuleers to exercise caution when considering any engagements or affiliations with Upwell Consortium until thorough investigations have been completed into the abovementioned matters. The integrity and security of New Eden’s digital landscape must be preserved, and we must remain vigilant in the face of potential threats.

As CEO of Nexus Vanguard Syndicate, I remain committed to upholding the principles of transparency, integrity, and security within New Eden. Together, let us stand united in the pursuit of truth and justice.

For inquiries or further information, please do not hesitate to contact Nexus Vanguard Syndicate.


Stryker Nova
CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

gallente roleplay

This press release, penned by Stryker Nova on behalf of Nexus Vanguard Syndicate, serves to caution capsuleers of New Eden regarding Upwell Consortium’s activities and encourages a thorough investigation into the matter.


If they neglect something to disclose to you, it means you do not have clearance to this information. Probably due to possibility of damage that types like you could cause with this information.

Calling though to act based on your own ignorance is absolutely not surprising, it’s exactly what I would expect from characters of your caliber.

I just hope that there won’t be a lot of fanatics to blindly follow your “super important ideas” how to enforce pseudo-justice.

As for me, and what I would recommend to actually sensible and rational pilots - is to wait official statement of State authorities, who clearly have way more knowledge about what’s going on, wisdom and intelligence than this… well, this.

We have meritocracy exactly for that reason, to be led by professionals and not by loonies who are getting triggered from someone hiding something from them.

Ms. Kim:

As expected you have missed the intention of the communication I issued. I would suggest you read it again to try and understand the message but knowing you are an ardent supporter of the State and a follower of authoritarian militaristic ideologies I doubt you would dare to comprehend anything issued without a State seal emblazoned on it.

It was once written:

“Everything depends on upbringing.” (Tolstoy)

This seems to be exactly the case here, as misguided as your upbringing has been.

As entertaining as your diatribes are, they are not helpful to the citizens of New Eden. I look forward to a time when your contributions are beneficial and we can work together to benefit New Eden instead of your divisive commentary.

With Kind Regards,

CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

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Mr. Nova,

Would you be willing to sit down with me and discuss exactly what it is you are investigating and why? If you are please reach out to me here or by evemail.


V. Cipher
Investigative Reporter, The Scope

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Ms. Cipher:

I appreciate the offer however I must decline.

As I am sure you understand I cannot compromise the investigations that are currently underway. Perhaps in the future once the investigations have concluded and a report made public we can have the meeting you desire.

Until then, I wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors.

With Kind Regards,

CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

Pretty much I did and replied as I should, and if you yourself can’t comprehend why it deserved this reply, you probably yourself need to be educated on what you have been saying. But I am neither your mother nor your nurse to guide you through that.

With what I said, this sounds like an excuse for your own behavior in this issue, but trust me, I don’t want to listen about your family issues or lack of proper education that turned you into such an unrefined nuisance.

I am aware though that gallenteans don’t value families and a lot of children in Federation are outright broken due to living in improper family structure, and lack of discipline in Federal educational facilities is appaling to degree they produce absolutely incompetent and disrespectful scum.

But all these are really not my problems, if fact, it only makes my job easier. People like you will help destroying Federation from inside with your incompetence.

Do you just not like Stryker or is it just that he’s Gallente?

I treat people how they deserve by their own replies and comments. If they behave in polite and respectful manner, I will even disagree with them in same manner (provided they aren’t outright enemies). If they behave like offensive jerks - then even if they say something I agree with, I’ll point to them on their place.

The question of Stryker being Gallentean I brought up only as explanation of his unacceptable behavior, apparently after he already exposed his “true” side.