Unveiling secret negotiations between the Upwell Consortium and the 'Big Four' empires

To the interested public,

this is at the current moment not much more then the publication of a variety of secret communications caught up in the data of various communication nodes related to the ‘Big Four’ Empires within CONCORD. I disemminate these findings to the public as I value the freedom of information and the ability of any one capsuleer to judge the disposition of their respective governments.

These were discovered through the effort of sympathizers in various organizations within the warzone and analysed by an independent ad-hoc reserach team. Special thanks must go to Elinore en Divalone for starting this current research effort. Further thanks go to chief6, Orlais Placide, Walter Islands, Vinjivas Katelo, Xelion, Voana Itovuo, Velln Moonstrike, Malak Starfire, Asherothi and Elisia Direnna for additional contributions.

These correspondences reveal that Upwell has approached each Empire with an offer to accept their citizens into a large-scale cloning program of indetermined purpose. These proposals seem to be formulated to cater to each empires proclaimed values (even if those seem mututally exclusive at times). Upwell seems to not have informed any of the Empires that they are also offering similar deals to their rivals.

Additionally, a fifth proposal hidden among the others seems to be related to the project currently in work in Auviken. The proposal is presented here as well.

In the sense of full transparency and reproducability, a full GalNet-repository of the original fragments has been created here: Partially Corrupted Cryschip list - Google Sheets

Offer to the Amarr Empire:

Offer to the Caldari State:

Offer to the Gallente Federation

Offer to the Minmatar Republic

The additional proposal seems to have been made to all Empires, as the related fragments were found mixed in with any of their data storages. The honored colleague Voana Itovuo has created a combined video of the structure presented: https://shorturl.at/eltRX

This is a picture taken from this video stream:

My honorable colleague chief6 has also collated a reconstruction of each message for better readability:

With the addition of the findings in the Gallente Federation, this collection is now completed.

Edit Log
Edit 1 - Added the video of the additional proposal.
Edit 2 - Added the Gallente Proposal.

Signed digitally,
Scius Falkenhaupt
Independent Researcher


Aha ! So they are experimenting with Mass Cloning Devices after all.

I knew it !


Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this swift group effort to uncover Upwell’s machinations to possibly uproot our kind :pensive:

I would like to thank to the brave Amarrian warzone pilot Sigatairos who despite the possibility of grave repercussions from his faction found the courage in himself and decided to share his find with the capsuleer kin.


Dear readers,

the original report has been amended to now include the offers to every emprie as well as the additional presentation made to all four.

Signed digitally,
Scius Falkenhaupt
Independent Researcher


Isn’t it what made Jove go extinct?

Our civilizations have developed by creating a biodiversity through procreation with families being a building blocks of society and guarantees of continuation and progress.

Bare cloning and prolonging lives does create continuation, but removes progress, leading to stagnation of the society, eventual degradation and dying out in a manner Jove did.


Dear readers,

a few small updates on the matter:

Firstly, other data fragments have been uncovered, that might be related to the matter discussed here, which have been collated by Voana Itovuo: https://shorturl.at/ewHR2

The conenction to the cloning proposal is tenuos at this time, so i will not add it to the overview, but there seems to be some relation to the ‘special proposal’ interspersed with the data of all four Empires, so I wanted to mention it.

Secondly, the SCOPE has joined our push for publicity in the matter:

It is my hope that this will contribute to the eventual disemmination of the knowledge related to the new developments by Upwell. I look forward towards the announced review of the leak in the public session of the Tribal Council.

Dear Diana Kim,

while I do share certain concerns regarding the effects of this technology, I feel like we should not simply dismiss the potential of the uplifting of major parts of the population through cloning technologies. The advancements that led to the creation of the modern day capsuleer might have been viewed with scepticism as well and it is a good thing they were not denied.

What I am worried about is the predictable attempt to hoard that knowledge in proprietary ways by the Upwell Consortium in collaboration with the CONCORD signatories, denying its benefits from the Cluster in favor of the reinforcement of existing power structures, for that is the way the Empires have treated all technological breakthroughs of the last decade and more.

As such, to properly review and test the proposals, as well as substantially discuss the associated risks, it is imperative that it be pushed into the public eye and scrutinized and diseminated widely.

Signed digitally,
Scius Falkenhaupt
Independent Researcher

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I need to report an urgent matter in regards to the recent Upwell activity. Specifically the construction of “applied gravitation research platform” on low orbit of planet Auviken VI.

It has been uncovered the structure pose direct threat to our, capsuleer, bussines operations. I will explain the matter shortly.

The structure interferes with the Auviken VI POCO warp-in point. Since the appearance of the structure it is not possible to warp-in close enough the POCO and safely transfer cargo to/from planet surface.

Instead you land 8100km away from it …and 0 km from the Upwell structure. The distance remaining must be then traveled using conventional propulsion engines. And even with the best optimized configuration of ship engineering modules the shortest possible travel time is around 1 hour. Now imagine them installing this disruptive technology at every planet effectivelly putting many capsuleers out of bussiness.

In my opinion, this is an unaceptable circumstance and we should demand immediate action from Upwell to reverse the damages they have made.

Upwell’s obscurity and their lack of transparency became most disturbing in my opinion and we should stand up to it. We have few options on the table.

Mostly financial …but others too.


An artificial, deployable deadspace patch?

That’s a little intriguing. Depending on the specifics, the applications for warfare could be. . . .

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If Upwell clones a Citizen of say the Federation, and returns that Citizen to the Federation, do they retain the Cloning Data such as Mind State and DNA Template, such that Upwell can continue to make Copies of that Citizen, for their Own Purposes ?


I have found a few of these partial chips in auvi system. How do you open them?

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Make sure to have a virus scanner on before proceeding with the following.

The cryschip has small display on it. When holding the chip with the display in front of you and pointing up, press the button at right side of it. It then displays “Decode” option. Press the button on the left and it should show it’s content.

You can then press again on the right and it will show “Download” option. Pressing on the left again saves the content to your ship’s data capture store under the filename containing its ID.

Would you mind writing down the ID and evemailing it to me? I am interested in those crsychips and few IDs are missing from my collection.

FYI, seems Upwell came to its senses and “fixed” their structure interference with warp grird around Auviken VI POCO.

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Ms. Cultist:

It is not beyond imagination that Upwell would retain the Cloning Data to be utilized in future creations of identical copies of Citizens throughout New Eden but additionally, biologically engineered entities that are designed to excel at specific tasks. The latter concern has brought my interest to these events.

Because of the critical importance of these events, I have instructed my analysts at Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN) to create a division dedicated to monitoring and researching Upwells’ progression in this endeavor. I have undertaken this project with full disclosure to the Federal Intelligence Office (FIO).

Furthermore, to maintain the independence and impartiality of NVSSN’s activities, it is crucial to note that this project and any future investigations in this matter are solely funded by NVSSN. The Gallente Federation has not provided any financial support, and I have explicitly instructed them not to do so in the future. This decision is due to the Gallente Federation’s ongoing communications with Upwell, which must remain unaffected as part of NVSSN’s investigations.

With Kind Regards,

CEO, Nexus Vanguard Syndicate (NVSSN)

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Mr. Falkenhaupt,

I would like to discuss with you how the documents you have in your possession were obtained, who the “sympathizers” are and to what organizations they are affiliated with. Please let me know if you are willing to be interviewed. I can be reached here or via evemail.


Investigative Reporter, The Scope

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What if the end goal is of Triglavian interest?

Their population is in data storage. What if they’ve been using the four empires and Upwell to meet their needs?

Are we on the verge of a second Triglavian Invasion? Or perhaps a mass Triglavian Infiltration?

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I see the absolutely monstrous effect of EDENCOM propaganda on you, you are creating panic around the so-called “Second Invasion”.
I cannot speak for the entire Flow of Vyraj, but I am sure that the Triglavian Collective is, if I may say so, preoccupied with another enemy.

I hope Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Catiz I turns down the Heretic Conglomerates offer to The Empire. Their presence in The Empire is a security threat within itself.

I hope the Tribal Council makes a similar decision. Shakor needs to make a stand.