Open Notice to Eifyr and Co. on Warclone Technology

Pathfinding teams active in Auviken have collected sufficient intelligence to determine that Eifyr and Co. made a failed bid to the Upwell Consortium for the mass adoption of modified warclone technology as a part of the Upwell Cloning Consciousness Transfer program. Elements of the Round Table Assembly allied against EDENCOM-affiliates have since expressed deep concerns on the nature of this project and Eifyr and Co.'s development history.

During the Skarkon War, Eifyr and Co. were the primary organization (alongside the Tronhada Free Guard and Seykal Clan) deputized by Khumatar Kril Efrit to carry out a purge of independent warclones engaged in anti-smuggling operations against RSS-backed Krullefor Organization. Tactics and technology developed fighting beside AEGIS and Red Troop against independent warclone clans in Skarkon would later be used during the formation of Allek Berialsh’s dedicated anti-warclone unit training facility in Mikramurka. There is sufficient reason to believe that the technology highlighted in Eifyr and Co.'s proposal to Upwell may be the result of a long series of acts of aggression taken against the independent mercenary clans of Molden Heath-- either by testing this technology on warclones in the field, or the unauthorized plundering of warclone technology being developed by smaller independent clans active in the region prior to Kril Efrit’s purge.

To my understanding, the proposal was not picked up by Upwell as it did not meet sufficient metrics for scalability and cost. Technology developed for warclones would prove impractical for mass adoption outside of our specific role. So the technology was shelved, not to be pursued further. I would suggest that it remain this way. Further attempts to continue development of this technology will be seen as aggressive posturing against Varyazi Clade and other independent mercenary clans not allied to the Republic. Any attempt to develop this technology to the detriment of fifth-lobe implant warclones, or as part of a weapons package to anti-warclone units, will be met with reprisal against Eifyr and Co., the Upwell Consortium, and the RSS Mikramurka training facility.


I am sorry, but you do not own this technology. You have used it and developed it further, but I cannot see how you have the moral right to dictate that others may not also use it and develop it further. The claim that such development would be “to your detriment” seems unsubstantiated.

My guess is Eifyr is probably only vaguely aware that Varyazi exist, and even less interested in “posturing” at you.

Moral right aside, good luck taking on RSS and Upwell. Y’all are gonna need it.

Surprisingly high praise that you’d guess they’re at least vaguely aware of us.

Anyway, your words have some truth in them. Upwell is a massive organization with near-endless resources that we stand no chance of harming in any meaningful way on our own. Meanwhile the RSS has the full might of the Republic’s defense intelligence industry behind it while Allek Berialsh’s anti-warclone troops have gotten more and more sophisticated at countering the exact type of small unit warclone tactics that made up our operational playbook. A protracted conflict, even a guerilla one, is a non-option even with support from third parties with a vested interest in disrupting Upwell and the Dykon syndicate. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely untouchable. I learned as much trailing their convoys during the construction of the local skyhook. We might not be able to stop them, but at least we can retaliate.

Now, as to your point about how the idea of “Eifyr and Co. developing of this technology is to our detriment” is unsubstantiated-- you might be right. The more I see of these next generation neuro-heuristic clones pouring out of the Fulcrum the more I think “maybe fifth lobe implants could use a shot in the arm after all.” Rising tide lifts all boats. Gods and spirits know that Eifyr and Co. has more liquid capital to advance this technology than any independent warclone clan ever could. Just a shame I can’t trust the Krusual any further than I can throw them much less entrust them with this tech. Still. Arkombine and the Deathless haven’t done much to prove themselves any more trustworthy and have just as much blood on their hands from Molden Heath. If it came down to it, I’d be hard to say who I’d rather see guiding the future of warclone technology. Thankfully as long as this stays shelved, then thats a hypothetical I don’t have to entertain.

This whole malarkey with Upwell and their clone dinguses seems absolutely riddled with people stealing technologies from others and passing them off as “original design, do not steal”.