Upwell Proposal C - A Clone Pilot's Musings

Greetings Intergalactic Summit.

Most of you haven’t goddamned clue who I am, some might, but I am Jaghatai Kelmoren, callsign Agonarch. Former CalNav dragonfly pilot and Hyasyoda citizen(that’s in limbo of a sort, turns out dying and turning back up out in null puts you in a weird spot legally), Ex-Valkyrie scoundrel and Strix pilot, killboard reader, and occasional blowhard. I’ve floated around these boards on and off for a while now. Largely got other things to be done and my boss keeps me busy.

However, today I bring you all something quite curious leaking out of the black.

This, is Upwell Consortium’s Cloning Proposal C, Nanoheuristic Echo

What is this? Well… a Nanoheuristic Echo map is what we in the clone pilot business call our particular brand of mortally challenged. It’s a cheap way to get your brainscan grabbed pretty accurate and often are paired with Subcompact Transneural Burnscanner systems for maximal effectiveness. You Eggers are probably more familiar with it from those fancy Nanoheuristic Clonemappers y’all jam into your skulljacks during large fleetfights that have supercarriers with the ‘Tactical Capsuleer Recloner’ units on them… yeah, those are pretty much just slight upgrades of our older clonevat and carrier tech with the autoforges retooled to flash manufacture capsules. You’re welcome (I still don’t know who gave that to you lot, but… Probably Muriya Mordu got a hold of it from the SoE and gave it to capsuleers as well for rapid test bed, since he and his are futzing with it too, not sure.)

Now, ya see, for a long time, the Nanoheuristic map system had some… issues, let’s call 'em. the Nanoheuristic Reservoir system or NRV mentioned in the above leaked proposal doc? Yeah, they mention that there, ‘Accumulative Synapse Degradation’ is how they describe it. We just called it ‘The Flutters’, ‘Clone Jit’, or ‘Desync Tremors’.

Now… what’s the problem here, why am I drawing attention to it?

Well… The Flutters as an issue in the Nanoheuristic cloning process was resolved a long time ago. Introduction of some processes from Alpha Clone assembly and production processes made it, if not completely go away, become much less of a concern. This happened about the time a good friend to clone pilots of all stripes at the time, The Quartermaster, asked you eggers to go and smash up some sleeper hives for those interesting Corrupted Trinary Relics.

No, don’t ask, I don’t know what his play is with the Deathless, though I’m sure some clone pilots I knew have signed on with him again.

Anyway, this was something a bunch of fringe runner clone pilots and their support teams could setup at scale and apply to our entire fleet of pilots who were getting fragged on the hour in many cases, while engaging in a pretty firm existential conflict with other clone pilot groups (some big names include the Valkyrie, of whom I was a part, and the Schism). If your carrier went up, it was curtains, until someone dug out an old back up copy of you somewhere.

And Upwell seems to have found a way to re-introduce this resolved issue, by what I can only assume is being cheaper than brine on an oceanic world.

I get they’re probably seeming to expect one and done sorts of ‘resets’ out of these brain grabs of people, but I think they sorely underestimate how often getting fragged out will happen.

Will be interesting for sure.


If this is an acceptable proposal, one sure as hell would like to know what was rejected…


Short and sweet version Pilot Rhiannon, it looks like a direct but cheaper rip of alpha clone capsuleer scanning tech, and fifth lobe Clone Soldier NIS systems were both rejected.

Copies of both have also been leaked out so, here.
Proposal A -

and Proposal B -

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As a warclone, I have some observations on this technology and its potential interest to Mordu’s Legion and Arkombine. A warclone consciousness is stored as an engram on a fifth-lobe core implant, which interfaces with the brain and the rest of the central nervous system. If a warclone engram were to be wiped or intercepted-- say, I don’t know, by Red Troop-- you couldn’t recover it from the brain with a TEBS as the memories and personality aren’t burnt into the synapses like traditional capsuleer cloning.

This new technology seems different. It’s a gross oversimplification, but it seems to me that this neuroheuristic mapping works by essentially backflooding synapses to register neuron “echoes” in the brain-- they’re flushing the entire system to see which neuron connections are most receptive to gain a composite “memory” of the subject. In other words, it doesn’t need to map every individual synapse-- it just needs to know what pathways the information took through the brain to process thoughts and memory. This system could, in theory, pull a backup from a warclone blank in a way that a TEBS can’t by mapping the way signals from the fifth-lobe-implant interacted with the brain to process the information held by the implants information stack. Its like measuring the information on their implant by displacement; measure the thoughts around their personality matrix like the parts of the brain that visualize memory, control motor functions, or process speech.

I don’t think this is just a coincidence either. Forces on the ground indicate that “Lifegiver” is putting a premium on any groups able to take neuroheuristic scans from warclone bodies. In fact, word is that Lifegiver is none too happy that technology used to preserve warclones during the Purges is being used by upwell to sell folks into wage slavery. Now isn’t all that interesting?

Mordu and Arkombine may have been sitting on this technology in secret, recovering consciousnesses intercepted or terminated by Red Troop and the DED. Consciousnesses CONCORD thought might have been wiped entirely, with no trace left of their digital engram… When really the Old Man was gathering up shitcanned bodies, pulling their soul back kicking and screaming from the void, and hiding them under his skirt. For years. And we never would have known about it if Arkombine didn’t suddenly get a pang of consciousness about their hand in carrying out the purges and jump ship over to their new master.

If this is what they’ve been doing all those years when they could have come to aid us but stayed cozied up to Upwell then fair enough. They played the role of the lapdog perfectly, all while hiding those of our kind thought hunted to extinction right under CONCORD’s noses. They’ll never have my respect for that level of groveling in the name of self-preservation… But they at least now have my understanding.

The real question now is how will this be resolved with Mordu’s Legion and Arkombine? Seems like it’s been a messy divorce, and both sides are determined to split the baby by carving up those neuroheuristic maps they took of purged warclones into one camp or the other. Thank gods and spirits I’m still kicking around with my old fifth-lobe implant and don’t need to get caught between this horse-hockey.


This All Seems Somewhat Unrighteous.