Nanoheuristic clone mapper improvement

hi all this is just a quick one, i’ve been doing some research on the nanohuristic clone mappers for a while now because the concept is really sweet. but there is a small issue with them it seems, a minor grumbling amongst the community.

when you die you respawn in your pod, your pod cannot be locked, however when you get into your new ship you are usually instantly locked up.

my thoughts to improve this would be to give people who spawn on the same grid a fair chance, how about there be a small 10 - 15 second decrease in signature radius, in the trailer it makes it look like the ships literally form in space, so my thinking is, what if there were a reduced ship signature radius for a very very brief amount of time which incrementally increases, this way it would prevent people getting into new ships and being completely obliterated. it would give some kind of chance for people to actually get into the fight with a very brief window.

I figured the reduced ship radius to simply increase locking time for those brief 10 - 15 seconds.
giving the respawning pilots a very brief opportunity just to get back into the fight, maybe hit some prop mods or repair mods or something. equally the respawning ship should also incur some kind penalty to prevent people from abusing those 15 seconds, perhaps a tempoary weapons disablement of amount of time.

just spit balling ideas here, but i figured this might help with that problem, from all the test footage and such i have seen. ultimately i think the idea of reducing the respawning ships sig radius to give them a fair opportunity instead of allowing instant locking and destruction of a respawning ship which seems to be the problem.

incrementally playing with a ships sig radius due to ship based events such as spawning i think will help, decreasing and increasing incrementally at an appropriate rate for a brief amount of time.

just something I wanted to put out there guys just food for thought to help tweek this one aspect of game play. especially for when supers come back into play especially needed for larger fleet fights.

TLDR: getting into your ship by using one of this will likely get you instantly killed, make the ships harder to lock for 15 seconds to give people respawning a chance.

You,… you’re already being given more of a chance than normal.

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Is that true? Will getting into your ship ‘instantly get you killed’?

I haven’t used this functionality yet, but I would think you spawn besides the supercarrier, right? If the fight is right on top of the supercarrier, wouldn’t that supercarrier be at danger of being killed if it cannot defend ships spawning right next to it?

And if the supercarrier (and support fleet) isn’t capable of defending ships that respawn right besides the supercarrier, is that a gameplay issue that needs to be fixed by CCP? Or is it a bad gameplay choice by players to use a supercarrier without enough support from other ships?

I don’t see the problem you’re trying to solve, to be honest.

when you get into your ship you are instantly lockable, people who are quick on the trigger will be able to kill you before you have had chance to start your reps / hardeners.

as a result this is effectively a kin to spawn killing which is not fun for any player of anygame.

a super carrier does not defend the whole fleet, its usually the other way around. if a carrier were capable of this, they wouldn’t need a support fleet.

how can they defend themselves when they don’t have a chance to activate their reps?

when people respawn at the carrier in their pod, they are tempoaraily invulnerable, makes sense to get into your ship, once you’re in your ship, i have seen people be insta locked and loose 2/3rds of their health before they’ve had chance to move the mouse.

all i’m saying is, for a function which works as intended to allow people to respawn and re-ship on grid, it might be worth actually letting them turn on their reps and hardeners.
if both fleets were of equal size once you take down one ship and let the pilot reship, you can just insta-blap him again, as before this is basically spawn killing, all this will do is feed the enemy which is something FC’s and players hate.

if there is a module and feature in game which exists soley for the purpose of feeding the enemy fleet, it is not a good idea, if you’re going to respawn at a carrier there should be something in be it alternate ships which you ship into or perhaps some kind of boost from the carrier itself as a mechanical bonus which allows respawning players to some how gain an advantage.

otherwise all this is, is glorfied spawn killing and feeding ships.
all the respawning capsuleers might as well just sit there and let the enemy ship kill the carrier, or let their clone mappers run out.
they’re going to loose all their stuff anyway, right?
this isn’t a problem if you’re a defending fleet at all, right?

being harder to lock so you can turn on reppers or broadcast for reps isn’t going to be the end of the world. infact it will allow you to move from being spawn killed to an actual participant in a fleet battle.

because if you’re being spawn killed when you re-ship, how are you a participant in a fight?

If you’re being ‘spawn killed’, isn’t the solution to simply stop spawning? Clearly your side doesn’t have enough people to defend the players that are reshipping so that part of the fight is lost.

Why should the game allow you to continue to fight using a crutch like temporary (partial) invulnerability while respawning?

Yes, you have a supercarrier and therefore the means to allow your people to reship. But you don’t have the means to defend the players that are reshipping. To me this seems like a problem that players need to solve, not CCP.

Next time, don’t forget to bring ships to defend the players that are reshipping.

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bringing enough ships doesn’t even have to be a factor, nothing is stopping the enemy FC from simply calling the ship which just spawned and clearly by default doesn’t have its reppers going yet.

you don’t even have to previously have been on grid, providing your in the solar system and have taken the drug you will spawn at the super, theoretically you can take you drugs, dock in a station and kill your clone and spawn at the super (to be honest i don’t know if that will work) you can get into a ship but you’ll be insta locked.

however Gerard you’re right if you’re already respawning at the carrier you don’t have what it takes to defend it, why bother respawning or re-shipping, why bother with what is clearly a great game feature, i mean, this would probably work better for valkyrie pilots and dust mercenaries.

i think if something like this is going to be applicable to capsuleers, when you re-ship you should have a small 5 - 15 second window just to turn on your reppers / prop mods so you can start moving and get involved in a fight. otherwise you’re a completely static target.

this is also not does not include the enemy FC having a seperate squadron just smart bombing the respawn point on a carrier and denying content, from what i have seen the respawn point on a carrier is the same each time.

Pretty much the gold standard of OW PvP.

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