Upwell Cloning Rumours Causing Uproar

Recent events where confidential documents seemingly authored by the Upwell Consortium have fallen into capsuleer hands and been revealed to the public have caused a great deal of speculation and rumour across Republic space.

Suspicion !

The documents mention of volunteers being taken from Republic territory, then being returned to be “elite members of society” has caused particular concern amongst many tribespeople.

Scheming !

In addition to the proposals apparently aimed at the Republic, the content of documents where Upwell have made proposals to other political entities, particularly the Amarr Empire, has also caused much debate.

Duplicity !

“They want people to go to who knows where, for who knows what, then they come back and lord it over the rest of us ? We’ve bought apples off that cart before. Look at Shakor. Abducted by Jovians and came back a bit weird !”, said a Brutor baker from Hedaleolfarber III.

“This cloning thing they mention sounds a bit fishy to me. I heard that clones can have fake memories, secret agendas, and all sorts of other weird stuff implanted into them”, said a Vherokior cosmetic surgeon on Krilmokenur IV.

“The Amarr Empire are in on this scheme. I bet this is some kind of bamboozle like that empress Jamyl did with emancipation. They’re going to clone all of our enslaved kin, free them and dump them on us so we struggle to cope with the influx. Amarr are all like that, with their crafty noses and beady eyes. Schemes within schemes”, said a Krusual goat herder on Bogelek II.

“So lets say the Amarr clone some enslaved tribespeople, and fiddle with their genes. So like, the clone might not then have mitochondrial DNA that descends solely from Matar, but from somewhere else, so they wouldn’t be a true child of Matar, would they ? Does this mean they’re not really our kin anymore ?”, asked a Sebiestor geneticist from Offugen III.

“We can build a better Republic by our own efforts, not by some creepy science project from Upwell”, said a Thukker canoeist on Frarn X.

“What ? Is there no end to this madness ? Must we suffer endlessly at the whims of entities whose motives defy comprehension ?”, said a Starkmanir melon farmer on Anher II.

“It is only right and proper for those with vision to seize opportunities to advance their Tribe’s interests”, opined a Nefantar synergy consultant on Arnstur IX.

Opinions !

With Upwell yet to make official statements on the leaked materials, the confusion and speculation on social media across the Republic is likely to become even more ornate and separated from reality !

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If the Amarr Empire no longer has Minmatar slaves, Does the Republic still have a Casus Belli against them ?

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I suspect that greatly depends who you talk to, and what their perspective on what constitutes a valid Casus Belli is.


Some of this does show some of the flaws inherent in defining kinship solely through DNA relationships, or even in using that as a major component in kinship.

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Oh of course, it’ll just shift to a blood debt or something. I don’t think the Minmatar people would ever really be tired of killing Amarr, and the Amarr would welcome the chance to continue killing rebellious former slaves.


Minmatar Casus Belli for me always looked like a pathetic excuse for warmongering. It’s similar like if I’d declare war on you because you send your children to school instead of teaching them at home.

Studying Amarr enslavement policies it can be easily deduced that all Minmatar who were initially enslaved as PoWs have been released due to number of generation passed required for assimilation into the Empire, which means all current minmatar slave population are enslaved outside of Empire due to different conflicts or are re-enslaved Imperial population (due to Imperial law violations, religious disconformity and so on), and thus Minmatar Casus Belli is nothing than attempt at intervening into Internal Imperial politics and law enforcement.

Well, it does build a parallel with Caldari that were left under Gallentean occupation on Caldari Prime, but there was a significant difference. Caldari under Gallentean occupation were promised treatment as citizens, at least guaranteeing basic protection of their lives and property, yet Federals have exposed their inability to do their part, according to which our Homeplanet was allowed to be left in Federal territory after the peace treaty.

That’s why 10th June happened and Caldari Prime was liberated. Add to that previous outright Federal Navy aggression in Malkalen terror act that left thousands of Caldari dead.

Minmatar invasion into Empire though was completely unprovoked and based on treatment of Imperial own citizens, not Republic citizens in Empire.

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There are several major takes on this among the Free Tribes:

  1. No; if our people are free, the rest of it is not our concern.
  2. No; at that point we should concentrate on defense to make sure it won’t happen again.
  3. Yes; for to make them pay.
  4. Yes given they still practice slavery; slavery is inherently wrong regardless of the target