Formal complaint at Customs officers proceedings regarding attempted transfer of warclone blanks

I was approached by Amarr warzone pilot who decided to sell me a fresh cryschip id 81223. I bought it and it contained what appears to be a fragment of Chemal Tech pitch to Minmatar Republic Authorities for provisioning clone technology.

The particular cryschip was obtained from hacked Minmatar Listening Post in one of the rear guard systems. It appears every other Empire has received simmilar transmissions from Chemal Tech that were picked up by their listening posts.

Watch this space…


I have managed to obtain partially reconstructed transmissions from the cryschips mentioned earlier.

Kudos to hard working pilots in the warzones o7

Looks like sleazy marketing pitch ( of mass cloning entire populations! ) at Big 4.

For the Caldari

For the Gallente

For the Minmatar

Amarr pitch is still missing…

There is also a part of the leaflet on advanced tractor beam technology with range of 300km…

…possibly a description of new Upwell R&D project on Auviken VI orbit.


Courtesy of Scius Falkenhaupt Here is the full report on what has been uncovered about Upwell’s Consortium plans towards The Big 4

It all sounds like we may soon stop being special …or like gods