Formal complaint at Customs officers proceedings regarding attempted transfer of warclone blanks

On 21st March 12:00 NEST another test will start. Again, taking advantage of pirates shenanigans, we have selected two potential systems that may host them at the beginning according to my source at Zz:

  • Gulmorogod (Heimatar)
  • Aivonen (Black Rise)

Rumor has it that despite recent Chemal Tech failure to present their cloning technology to their Intaki sponsors beforehand, they will make a bold move and provide their tech and training to any volunteer willing to suppress Vanguards using it. In this way it will prove their research results in filed operation to Intaki Bankers.

This will of course add another layer of protection for us. As all sides will be occupied with eliminating the other, we will try to stay low and not get involved in their tug of war games. …But things happen and we are prepared.

As a curiosity, if you haven’t already seen it, below is attached an executive summary pamphlet prepared by Chemal Tech marketing for Intaki Bankers. It dropped in some quantity from the convoy wrecks yesterday. I was lucky to buy one ehem from an anonymous seller :slight_smile:

Executive Summary pamphlet

I’ll update this post as the situation unfolds. Stay tuned for more.


Turns out Vanguards chose to invade system of Orfrold (Metropolis)[1] instead of Gulmorogod (Heimatar). So we need to adjust our schedule and are heading there to unpack and start our part.

Our informant sent us an update just now, with a hint that system of Ardar (Metropolis)[2] (3 jumps from Orfrold) was affected before but is now clear of Vanguards.


We are still in Orfrold system blending in with Vanguards and testing our warclone blanks.

While we were busy with our own business we (by accident) noticed Vanguards are collecting cryschips and extracting them off the planet. I wonder if those are the same type of technology that helped to piece together the schedule of that failed Chemal Tech convoy.

Since Vanguards are still operating here, it is highly probable some of those cryschips haven’t left the system yet.


We are now following Vanguards to the system of Arnher (Metropolis)[3] (2 jumps from Orfrold). Testing of our prototype warclone blanks goes well so far.


The system of Arnher[3:1] is still being affected by naughty Vanguards. We follow them closely as it is better cover for our activity than the other party cooperating with the Empires in …Orfrold[1:1] system where Vanguards are no longer present.

How strange. I really can’t tell who are they fighting now there? Another sign to better stay as far as possible from politics and focus on business.


Vanguards are done with Arnher[3:2] system and have moved 5 jumps away to the system of Taff (Metropolis)[4]. We are now continuing our tests there. Come join us and help secure future PI operations from warclone mercenaries. This incoming threat is not a fairy tale anymore.

Empires are …Empires and are still chasing the unknown on the planets of Orflord[1:2] system :thinking:


And we change the location again, following in Vanguards footsteps. This time it’s 2 jumps from Taff[4:1] in Gulmorogod (Heimatar)[5] which we predicted in the beginning.

Empires are still shuffling dust in Orfrold. Disturbingly baffling :confused:


Vanguards have moved 5 jumps away to system of Resbroko (Metropolis)[5:1] now. I hope it’s the last switch this test. They jumped systems pretty much this time compared with last month.

Honestly it’s been putting an additional effort to not lose track of them and blow cover. So far we are keeping up with them.

And Orfrold? Well, no change… they are still clueless.


The tests are over for this turn. We are analyzing now our data collected during the test. Our CSO is very confident of progress into our warclone blanks R&D project. She mentioned we’ll be able to start scheduling next phase in about 3 months since now. More about that later that time. I am very excited about it.

I will post a brief summary from this test in the later post.

And to end this post I would like to remind you I mentioned last year we were encouraged into starting our R&D project by the Gallente administration officer. I have that in written text in my email box:

"Subject: Case #2013127 - warclone blanks transfer to planet surface, blocked by Customs officers"

To: Elinore en Divalone
Subject: Case #2013127 - warclone blanks transfer to planet surface, blocked by Customs officers
Date: March 26, YC125 23:39 NEST

Hello there Elinore en Divalone, this is <REDACTED>

After looking into this, clone blanks cannot be transferred into the colonies from space, it would be really helpful in case reinforcements are needed, however custom offices are very limited in what they can transport, therefore colonies themselves have to make their own clones in house, they have high tech factories which is enough.

Best Regards

We then duly proceeded with the R&D project and so we are here now.

  1. Vanguards have added 1.105% (100.0% total) to corruption in Orfrold and at the same time the Empires have contributed 4.883% (12.8% total) of effort to fight them as of 2024-03-25T16:20:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Vanguards have added 0.901% (17.5% total) to corruption in Ardar without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-03-22T18:30:00Z ↩︎

  3. Vanguards have added 1.642% (100.0% total) to corruption in Arnher without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-03-24T11:18:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  4. Vanguards have added 1.077% (75.8% total) to corruption in Taff without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-03-24T16:27:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎

  5. Vanguards have added 1.332% (78.2% total) to corruption in Gulmorogod without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-03-25T11:30:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎

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In case you’ve missed it: Today at around 15:40 NEST 4 Badger class Chemal Tech transport ships undocked from Auviken VI engineering station next to new Upwell prototype construction site.

They were loaded with those mysterious cryschips again and flew to Caldari Shipcaster in Onnamon system where they unloaded their cargo. Then flew back to Auviken system and docked at Auviken VII Propel Dynamics station.

There was only one ship destroyed from which a single cryschip with the id 81247 was recovered. Its content and the current owner remain unknown unfortunately.

It was announced two days ago that Propel Dynamics, Upwell Consortium’s member corp, started construction of new research and prototyping facility in orbit of the planet Auviken VI

Since the research is in orbit and revolves around graviton and tractor beam technology it is highly probable the research may relate to planet-orbit transport system to assist with rapid Chemal Tech clone based planetary personnel deployments - military or engineering perhaps.

Chances are those cryschips contain research data or even schematics for new orbital structures. Time will tell of course.


It seems those transports repeat roughly every 6 hours and travel same route. Second transport undocked at 21:48 NEST from Auviken VI engineering station again.


They moved out again few minutes ago. What are they up to?

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What a scam!

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Would you mind elaborating more on that claim? The accompanying picture posted depicts a reward Propel Dynamics is handing out to Capsuleers for bringing in Drifter components. Why it is a scam?

We managed to secure the data stored in cryschip id 81247.
It appears Upwell is scheming with the State on their cloning research…


– Building Dreams –


Convoy Designation: Upwell-Caldari Diplomatic Initative (UCDI-07)
Date of Departure: YC 126.04.05
Departure Point: Upwell Facility, Auviken System
Destination: Onnamon System, Caldari State HQ

The Upwell-Caldari Diplomatic Initative (UCDI-07) aims to advance the dialogue and negotiation process with the Caldari State concerning the adoption and application of cloning technology.

There is confirmation of prior exchanges with Caldari State officials regarding the technology’s overview and its potential impact.
Further Meetings will address the Caldari State’s feedback and any concerns highlighted.

Following initial communications that have underscored the transformative potential of this technology, this mission aims to facilitate detailed discussions on collaborative projects that could significantly benefit both parties in terms of technological advancement and economic growth.

The operational capabilities of our cloning technology will be showcased, addressing any technical queries and elaborating on the vast opportunities that this collaboration presents.

This document is classified and is to be held under cryptographic storage. It is intended for Upwell Consortium and authorized Caldari State personnel use only.
Unauthorized access, distribution, or disclosure of its contents is strictly forbidden.

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Hm. … Speculating, it seems that Upwell might be looking to ease personnel (not to mention population attrition) issues by allowing for large-scale cloning of ship and/or station personnel?

It also seems a little like this “classified” document might be a little bit of guerilla marketing since it was submitted to a device capsuleers can decrypt and then transported by means that all but guaranteed its capture.

Also it mentions its own confidentiality almost as an afterthought. I don’t think actually-confidential documents normally require you to read to the end to find out they’re confidential.

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I guess Upwell’s corporate onboarding process beats in the heads of fresh employees - everything is classified. And it was just a friendly reminder of that.

I was promised a reward in the form of a blueprint, instead, I received utter garbage points or whatever it is.

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I understand how frustraiting this situation may be to you. Finding those drones is not easy, then fighting them with no expected outcoume at the end. Trying again and again and finally hit it to get something less expected. Believe me I know what you feel :pensive:

But you should file a complaint directly at Propel Dynamics. We have no influence on their reward policy. I am verry sorry for you.

On the topic of new Upwell structure being constructed on the orbit of temperate planet of Auviken VI. The structure is being called a skyhook by the construction workers. …And it is going to be a deployable module. As you may know a skyhook is a space elevator connecting planet surface to the cargo hub on the orbit.

If it is going to use a powerful tractor beam, judging by gravity manipulation components being gathered from cooperating Capsuleers, I can see it being very versatile and useful for planetary deployment operations. And far superior, less cumbersome compared to using atmospheric re-entry space vessels.

Add to that the new cloning technology being developed at the same time by the same consortium. Implications may be …revolutionary to say the least.

Oh, Leducladie Atay Dunier’s convoy? Ah, so that’s what that was about. I spotted them pass by Onnamon on the day. I was briefly under the impression they actually used the shipcaster to head over to Deven – that would have had some implications indeed , although mostly in the amount of paperwork for everyone involved.

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Yes, and there were five transports already since yesterday. And one of the four Badgers is piloted by Orvemer Pollard. Same pilot who flew the doomed Chemal Tech Occator in the first convoy destroyed on 19th March in Murethand.

Actually they hadn’t used the shipcaster to jump to a system in the warzone. They are stopping right next to it and are using it’s experimental cargo slingshot capability. Probably shunted it toward Syndicate. And specifically to TXW-EI IX - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Depository where the first convoy was heading. They are determined to showcase their cloning technology. Without risking more loss I think.

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I was approached by Amarr warzone pilot who decided to sell me a fresh cryschip id 81223. I bought it and it contained what appears to be a fragment of Chemal Tech pitch to Minmatar Republic Authorities for provisioning clone technology.

The particular cryschip was obtained from hacked Minmatar Listening Post in one of the rear guard systems. It appears every other Empire has received simmilar transmissions from Chemal Tech that were picked up by their listening posts.

Watch this space…


I have managed to obtain partially reconstructed transmissions from the cryschips mentioned earlier.

Kudos to hard working pilots in the warzones o7

Looks like sleazy marketing pitch ( of mass cloning entire populations! ) at Big 4.

For the Caldari

For the Gallente

For the Minmatar

Amarr pitch is still missing…

There is also a part of the leaflet on advanced tractor beam technology with range of 300km…

…possibly a description of new Upwell R&D project on Auviken VI orbit.


Courtesy of Scius Falkenhaupt Here is the full report on what has been uncovered about Upwell’s Consortium plans towards The Big 4

It all sounds like we may soon stop being special …or like gods

“May you live in interesting times”
– Sage of Turnur

…well it sure getting hot and awkward with every day passing by. Lately our CSO hinted at The Board Meeting, we sue Upwell over our IP infringement. She suspect part of our warclone blanks prototypes’ R&D data was used by Upwell to develop their pathetic “clowns”.

The motion is being processed by The Board Members and the vote will happen in a month or so. For now we will sent the Upwell the C&D Letter.


For your perusal I attach the copy of The CDL sent to Upwell’s representative:

IP Infrigement by Upwell Consortium Cease And Desist Letter

IP Infrigement by Upwell Consortium Cease And Desist Letter
From: Elinore en Divalone
Sent: 2024.04.11 00:28
To: Orvemer Pollard,

Dear Sir,

As it happens that you are an employee of Chemal Tech Corporation an Upwell Consortium member, hereby I bind you to forward this CDL to your superiors for further processing.

We demand that you:

  1. Stop using our Research and Development data of our warclone blanks prototypes for production of your cloning products.
  2. Delete any of our data in your possession and obtained by you by an unknown means from your filesystems consortium-wide.
  3. With due diligence protocol the removal procedure and provide us with detailed minutes.

Failing to comply until April 26th YC126 1:00 NEST may bear further legal consequences.

Best regards
Elinore en Divalone
CEO Los Mineros Locos

For the attention of Eman Autrech, SCC

We have set up a command center, with a number of accompanying facilities, on the surface of planet Auviken VI. We will move part of our warclone blanks prototype R&D project there.

Along with battle ready prototypes from last batch, build with adjustments based on the flaws found after analyzing test data from the last test at end of March - mentioned in the earlier post.

And we want to have a better view on Upwell’s machinations as their operations are also there.

Funny fact: their research station under construction on the low orbit of planet Auviken VI is already disrupting planetary industry operations and capsuleer’s conduct of business. The presence of their structure interferes with the warp grid. It is impossible to warp close enough to Auviken VI POCO to transfer cargo safely from/to the surface of the planet.

Even if you set your warp coordinates accurately to Auviken VI POCO, you will always land near the Upwell’s structure. The only way to get to the POCO is to slowboat 8100km from the warp-in point at the Upwell’s structure.

It is short trip in a fast small ship but you can’t load much into it. And if you want to load more you need to use bigger and slower ship. It’s a lose-lose situation.

The Upwell’s disregard for capsuleers hints at dishonest intentions. And it is no surprise to me now they “borrowed”, without asking fruits of our work on warclone blanks prototypes and incorporated it in their own “product”.

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On this Thursday at 12:00 PM NEST another test round of our prototype warclone blanks is scheduled. This time might be slightly different as we await Upwell’s big announcement scheduled today at 11:00 AM NEST. There is no point speculating what it might be. Shortly, it could be anything and nothing and just for publicity. And they have not responded to our C&D Letter yet.

We’ll decide how to proceed afterwards. Updates will follow below.


Despite some revelatory presentations, our test will commence as scheduled. We don’t know in which system we will start yet. It depends where the Vanguards will show first. There we will follow just like on previous occasions.

On a side of the today’s Upwell publicity stunt it is noteworthy that they toned down their outright clone tech marketing campaign and instead vaguely hand waved it as “highly skilled workforce” during the announcement. It could mean they actually got scared of our protest and are probably double checking if their paper is clean. Hope to hear from you soon Upwell.


So as previously mentioned we are at it again. And this time in Guristas Insurgency zone. Vanguards decided to help them eventually. First system to blend in and conduct the prototype warclone tests is Anchauttes (Placid)[1]. We will stay away from Mantenault (Placid)[2] where Empires are chasing an unknown enemy down there once again. We don’t want trouble right now, do we?


Vanguards has moved a jump away. We continue the test of our prototype warclones in Evaulon (Placid)[3]. Meanwhile, Mantenault (Placid)[2:1] witness Empires chasing the unknown.


So the Upwell decided to ignore our Cease And Desist Letter sent on April 11th YC126 and instead proceed with bold marketing of their cloning technology at full speed. You have probably saw their “New Life With Upwell” commercial? What possibly could go wrong with that? Remember to read the fine print. If they dare to screw a capsuleer imagine how much they will do a baseliner. I bet some form of corporate ownership of the cloned body is at play. Poor sods…

Upwell, we can’t just let it go unfortunately. If legal way via SCC yields nothing we will seek compensation from you with one way or another.

Enough of this teeth grinding now. We have test to carry on. Solar system stays unchanged for now.


We are changing our location 6 jumps away from Evaulon (Placid)[3:1] to Maut (Placid)[4] where Vanguards are now operating.


While it is funny thing that despite Vanguards not being present in Mantenault (Placid)[2:2], hats off to the Empires for pushing on suppression with their ground forces only.
We continue our work in Maut (Placid)[4:1].


Now moving 7 jumps away to Aldranette (Placid)[5].


The test is over and we are heading home. Time to crunch some data once more …and deal with our “Upwell situation” :confused:

We have already an update from our Zz source - the next opportunity is to be expected around 23rd and till 25th May YC126 when Vanguards are expected to become active again.

Then something even bigger is planned by Deathless close to 20th of June. Probably in response to recent and upcoming Upwell’s activity ( damn you Upwell ! ). Zz is even preparing for longer deployment of its hordes - rumored to last for whole 11 days!

We need to stock up more of our prototype warclone blanks by that time :pensive:

  1. Vanguards have added 1.101% (71.0% total) to corruption in Anchauttes without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-04-26T14:17:00Z ↩︎

  2. Vanguards are not present in Mantenault but the Empires have contributed 5.035% (39.2% total) of effort to fight them there anyways as of 2024-04-29T18:12:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  3. Vanguards have added 2.336% (83.2% total) to corruption in Evaulon without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-04-28T14:54:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎

  4. Vanguards have added 1.247% (73.2% total) to corruption in Maut without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-04-29T00:06:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎

  5. Vanguards have added 0.810% (63.2% total) to corruption in Aldranette without any Empires’ resistance to them as of 2024-04-29T18:12:00Z ↩︎

The new round of our new batch of prototype warclone blanks test begins in about 4 hours. Chances are big Vanguards will appear in one of the Guristas Insurgency systems - Zz source hints at 5 systems across Black Rise and Placid regions. We’ll decide later today where to follow them.

Meanwhile Gallente seem to plan to adapt Upwell clones for military use. Judge for yourself:

Compare it with the outfits of Upwell clones that appeared in the recent commercial

I though for a while on the Upwell cloning tech and it appears to be cleverly sinister. It appears there is no implants used by warclones and no burning scanners used by capsuleers involved. This implies the Upwell clones have no memories of past deaths - beside the first one when the initial scan took place.

This is really convenient. Imagine a mutiny (inevitable) at some point - every rioter can be killed and re-cloned with no memory of the cause for starting the riots or being killed in the act. Diabolical :grimacing:

Military operations involving Upwell clones on the other hand might get a little complicated. There will be constant need for training if the clone candidates have no military experience before the initial scan. It might be solved by scanning retired military personnel of course. But there will be no constant learning and perfecting the military skills like warclones or capsuleers are able to. So the only way to make up for this handicap is to re-clone same individuals with great military skills in multiple bodies in great numbers to win any battle by outnumbering the opponent.

All the above is under the assumption the scanned infomorph would not be updated of course with any authentic experience of the individual that occurred after the re-cloning moment.

Anyhow the premise of no memory past constant re-clonings breeds some very interesting social phenomena empire societies will need to cope with. Oh and what will be the legal status of re-cloned citizens? Will they have voting rights? Banking accounts. Human rights?

Upwell seems to be skipping that part :thinking: And Gallente politicians seem to be blind …or worse - have already saw through the implications.

Given all of this we decided to postpone the SCC complaint at Upwell on the ground of their infringment of our IP. We have no way of proving that yet until we get a sample of the new clones DNA. And I think preventing them from they proceedings would save the Upwell and the Empires from the inevitable catastrophe. Let it burn then.

Vanguards are active in the system of Oicx (Placid)[1] so we’ll begin our tests there.


One of our prototypes experienced unexpected malfunction :confused:

Fortunately the heavy nanite infusion prevented extensive bleeding and allowed for dismemberment to mend quickly. This actually could be a hidden bonus of this technology.


In case you wondered we are in Oicx[1:1] for the time being. Two months ago I promised you a holoreel of the mining pirate caught in the act. Here it is.

As you may see they don’t like being watched…


We follow Vanguards one jump away to Eha (Placid)[2] now. This will probably be the last and only solar system switch during this test round. Which ends in around 5 hours by the way.


Aaand it is over. Time to head home and start preparations for another round of testing starting in

23 days 23 hours 23 minutes

and that will last for 11 days and not just 4. So it’s quite a lot of work ahead of us. A great quantity of biomas, nanites and transmitters will be required to fit the task :slight_smile:

  1. Vanguards have added 3.822% (83.6% total) to corruption in Oicx while Empires fight them there, adding 4.009% (48.8% total) to suppression as of 2024-05-27T12:37:00Z ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. Vanguards have added 0.784% (46.4% total) to corruption in Eha while no Empires presence to suppress them as of 2024-05-27T12:37:00Z ↩︎

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A recently leaked stills from CCTV aboard onlined Skyhook show happy faces of Upwell workforce clones:

Then few minutes later this happens to that Skyhook:

No more happy faces. But they will not remember it ever happened, right? Maybe that’s what make them happy faced? Who knows, maybe it’s good?

Meanwhile we are busy preparing to our next test-round. Here are some more leaked stills from Zz pirates rekon holoreel report to Deathless of the unknown (yet) location for the next Vanguard activities scheduled to start in 2 days:

The beauty of this natural setting will be quite refreshing from bland colors we get used to during previous test rounds. No doubts.

And here you can see a Vanguard recon team in (Upwell made) pods on the planet approach vector

…then starting of the landing sequence. You can see surface workforce clones and their guards fleeing in horror…

…the pods carrying Vanguards landed

This deployment will be special - one for its length, rumored to be 11 days of heightened Vanguard activity, second for the advancement of our prototypes. I think only one more or two additional tests separate us from being ready to submit documentation for new technology certification to SCC.

More updates on the test progression will follow. Stay tuned.


According to recent newsflash there was an incident in Auviken system recently causing a brief cynosural field jammer malfunction. This could be nothing or it could be a sign of preparation for hostile fleet invasion in a high security system!

If true then the media files linked earlier might be a part of a leaked combat drill reports in preparation for an actual Skyhook event on Auviken VI orbit. We’ll watch the situation closely.

Looks like Auviken is safe for the time being. Vanguards decided to invade system of Ardar (Metropolis)[1] where we followed them to conduct our tests.


We moved 2 jumps to Resbroko (Metropolis)[2] where Vanguards relocated their corrupting operations. Our tests run flawlessly.

  1. Vanguards have added 1.102% (100.0% total) to corruption in Ardar while Empires fight them there, adding 1.577% (9.5% total) to suppression as of 2024-06-24T14:39:00Z ↩︎

  2. Vanguards have added 0.931% (37.7% total) to corruption in Resbroko with no Empires suppression as of 2024-06-24T14:39:00Z ↩︎