Attention New and Returning Players! Leaders and FC's Required!

Sefem Ortus is a newly formed new player corporation looking to support new and returning players with a base of operations while getting their feet wet.

What do we offer?

  • Corporation Buy Back Scheme - We buy all forms of loot, ore and minerals from members
  • New Member Pack - All new members can request a new members pack which includes a mining frigate and pvp frigate.
  • Corporation supplied ships for sanctioned PvP roams
  • High Security Missions, PvP roams, Mining, exploration and incursions and some of the activities

We currently operate in ALL timezones and looking for US and EU Timezone commanders and FCs to expand member operations.

What do we require?

  • Login to our Corporation management application (APIs now discontinued by CCP)
  • Mature Player - 18+ preferred due to the mature nature of some things in the EVE community
  • 12.5% Tax to pay for the above benefits

How to apply:

Apply in game answering the following questions:

What do you want to get out of EVE?
What do you know so far about EVE?

Once in Corp you will be required to login to Discord, Fleet-Up and our Auth tool

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