Sefem Ortus - PVP Fun with a side of ISK! New Player training and packs!

Sefem Ortus has relaunched in May with a AU Timezone public roam.

Who are we??? Early EU, late US and AU timezones will be supported from launch. Players of all experience are welcome with focus on the new player experience. All new members with less than 2 million SP will receive a starter pack including implants, PVE ships and pvp ships. Starter guides include tips on isk making through industry, missions and abyssal sites all available through Discord and player supported links. The Corp buys ALL loot, minerals and PI commodities to build our war machine. High Sec home with low sec staging close to active pockets of low and null sec for pvp.

If you have friends interested in starting out in EVE, or are a returning player or an existing veteran looking for something a little different away from null sec living then come join us in high and/or low sec.

Noob guides available and applications completed via our Discord.

Coporation Discord and Recruitment Center -

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Reminder public roam commencing from Jav Friday straight after DT. Bring a clean pod, ships provided.

Roam went off swimmingly thanks to those that attended, and those that took fights!

Come join us. Growing nicely. If you’re new to EVE join up to claim your welcome pack that includes some fit ships to get you started.

Come jump in our discord. Growing well

Growing very nicely. Come join us for isk and explosions

Growing nicely and lots of give aways for new bros

Great group, loads of kill mails and activity in the AU TZ! Looking for recruiters for the AU and US TZ

Hi. What do you mean by Early EU? Easter Europe or Russia?

Looking for more dudes. Plenty of low sec fun, and high sec war ongoing. Non-war dec pve corp available with the same access also available. Come join the Sefem family

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