AU Timezone Low Sec - PvP with industry core. Join the family!

Sefem Ortus is the sister Corp to one of the oldest AU Tz corporations in New Eden. We are proud to be the primary intake Corp for the Serenity Syndicate alliance based Metropolis lowsec.

What we do.

  • Low Sec Small Gang Roams
  • Low Sec Fleets for Objectives
  • High Sec Wars (Through our high sec war dec Corp)
  • Low sec Ganks (Blops, covops and caps)
  • Null sec filament roams.

What we offer.

  • Content
  • Solid Industrial Core and local market for your ship and fitting needs
  • SRP up to Capitals supported by an Alliance Buyback scheme. Sell your loot, buy a new ship then head out. No more Jita requirements.
  • Real Life First
  • An online family
  • No high sec
  • Incursion FCs
  • Did I say content?

What we want.

  • Larrikin but mature humour
  • No local trolls
  • 18+ only please
  • Capital and BlackOps pilots highly regarded

How to Join.

Join our discord.

Some of our recent fights.

Join the Family fellow Nerds!

im kinda new can I join?

Yo, just followed the infos on discord and sended aplication igame to Konvict cartel and registered on website. As explained in my application, Im returning player 13 mill SP, im EU but my current and future playing times does that i only match with AUS evenings so, here i’m all in for PVP, had my share of it so np in following FC and game mechanics etc, originally started to game in 2005 with other characters, now just looking for a mature bunch to shoot stuff with ;o)

Welcome to the family dude!

New dudes areperfectly fine :slight_smile:

Thanks to Interstellar Booty Hunters for the Brawl in Ardar!

Thanks to Serenity Cartel for the brawl

Thanks for the GF Guardians of Tranquility

Thanks for GFs in Aset tonight dudes. Wallys Comet roams are always a blast.

Thanks for the content Hobos!

Necro!!! Thanks for the fight dudes!!! Worms are sooo OP!

More GFs from Spacehobos!!! Thanks dudes!

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