Sefem Velox - Back in Low Sec - PvP in the AU TZ

Sefem Velox

We are an old AU Timezone pvp corporation with experience in wormholes and many years in faction warfare and lowsec. After a 12 month stint in the north of null sec we have recently reformed in FW low sec as pirate.

Sefem Velox are looking for pilots who are both proactive in eve as well as semi self supporting, Alpha and Omega Pilots are both encouraged to apply. Isk is available to be made in high sec incursions with the Warp to Me community or selling ore and loot back to corp in our home station.

Sefem Velox offers:
#Contracted fit ships ready to go for quick reships
#Ability to make isk
#Corporation Buyback Program
#Logistics Services

Min Skill requirement = none
Use of Discord for voice chat is required

Come stop on by our Sefem Public and have a chat in Sefem Public

CEO Cogsie

Recruiters Andiedeath, Materia Stone

Dropped Faction Warfare for some PvP pirate action!

Great Corp!

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