AU TZ PVP Pirate Low Sec

Smash Em and Dash Em (SeDe) is a small gang and solo PVP corporation based out of Black Rise with most of our members living in the AU time zone.
We are a collection of guys and girls that enjoy nothing more than small gang PVP and our corporation does everything it can to facilitate that.
Killboard doesn’t matter, Alpha/Omega doesn’t matter, how much isk/skill points/capitals you have doesn’t matter. The only thing we care about is Do You Want To PVP?
If you want to PVP (shooting ships not structures) then regardless of your time zone or ability come and check us out, we run regular public fleets in both AU and US timezones so you are welcome to try us out before you join up.
If you would like to know more send me a mail or jump on our discord.


good blokes, high activity, moving on to bigger things

+1 cheerzah

These are good people: low stress, high activity dudes. If youre looking to dip into FW to shoot both sides this is the place to be.


o7 I remember you from back in CHAOS, Sheltark. Hope you’re doing well bruh

yeh my brav I’m doing well, smash em and dash em s slowly growing, active people is always welcome, don’t need to be their mains either my brav

Forget Null. This is where the real fun is. Dont let them rakapuspus’s tell you what you can and cant fly.
Fly it like ya stole it !

Smash EM and Dash EM are where the real fun is at.

cheeeerzah my brav

Growing AU Allaince seeking new pilots me bravs, don’t be afraid to reach out and touch somebody!

We are growing slowly with AU TZ pilots me bravs, Piracy is a way if life, not just some random words with random letters. ya know what I’m saying…

Can I get a Cheeeeerzah?

Great bunch of guys, good fun fleets.


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