Auction 142.6m subcaps focused
• Password:132
• 361.618 unallocated skill points
• positive isk wallet
• no kill rights
• char location: jita 4-4
• 2 remaps available
• Auction ends Saturday 3/04/2021 on dt biggest bid wins
• Starting price 90b
• B/o 120b

I can offer 90b right now


What B/o you looking for?

i don’t have b/o just bid if you interested

101 then


48hours left

last bump 15hours left

5 hours for a winner!

we have winner send me the isk and acc infos

Check your mails

its open again! b/o added


i have 101b bid but he need time

daily bump

96 bill


we are close to deal give me more offers!