24.5M SP Lif pilot

(Lani Moondust) #1

24.5m Lif pilot
No killrights
Positive wallet
Will be in npc corp
Docked in HS
Starting 23b
Bo hidden no rush to sell.

(Aiko H) #2

20b i

(Lani Moondust) #3

bump still for sale

(Lani Moondust) #4

48h to go

(T'Challa Panther) #5

23B offered

(Lani Moondust) #6

reserve price met auction will run until just after DT.

(T'Challa Panther) #7

what time i can transferr the isk ?

(Lani Moondust) #8

if you are still the highest bidder at down time.

(T'Challa Panther) #9

you means DT in today, rights? OK i’l wait for it :smiley:

(Fryd Zeal) #10

24b offer

(Lani Moondust) #13

Send idk and account name and I will start the transfer

(warp tome randal) #14

found another thanks

(Lani Moondust) #15

Annoying but fair enough
Still for sale.

(Fryd Zeal) #16

hello I guess my bid is still valid?

(Lani Moondust) #17

sure send isk and account name.
If no reply after 12h will go back up for sale.

(Fryd Zeal) #18

isk sent and account detail sent via ingame mail

(Lani Moondust) #19

Awesome I will get the transfer done within the hour.

(Lani Moondust) #20

Transfer started sorry for the delay.

(system) closed #21

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