[Auction] Best WEB in the game!

Selling a insane Officer Abyssal roll from a Hakim web + a unstable

It is on contracts for show, and is better then a Tobias in range, % of web , cpu and grid.


cpu is 16.62 and green too

NOW ON 3 day Auction IN GAME
1m start bid - Current bid 1 Billion ISK
27 Billion Buyout

All trolls will be reported and be considered free salty bumps

50 bil jita scam

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please trade me in jita, it says i cant access ur contract


i appreciate this roll and this guy :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Oh my days. Boner inducing web

Didn’t you already have a topic for this?

no , that was a mizuro web

currently best web in game, lf 45b+ offers

LF offer of 40b+ still best web ingame

Best web? I think I saw one on contracts that’s 22.25km and 63%. Now that, is a nice web.

Seems there is 1 better, but I did say ONE OF THE BEST…

not the very best to be clear.

Still for sale and entertaining offers

I have less nice weba for sale via contracts too



yes the reason is a certain person stuck a gotan up with 22km range and 61% up for 50b

while mine has way more % (~65&) it now has some competition,

still lf offers 40b+

bet u get little heart flutters when you see a response on your thread.

sorry only me :stuck_out_tongue:

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better then tobias, only 8 months until next AT :smiley:

If only they could be used in AT

it will be allowed on flag ships, as far as I understand.

Bumpity bumped

still looking for offers