Auction Closed.thank you for Bidding

Good day or Night all

Before the masses I am up for sale on this Auction that will run until Tuesday 24th November.
Character is Located in High Sec
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
1 Jump Clone in Thera
Positive Standing with Sisters of Eve ( Level 4 npc missions if bored in empire)
Currently with a set of +4 implants and in an NPC corp at the time of this posting.

Examples of Level 5 Trained Skill highlights Include :

Logistics Cruisers 5, Amarr/Gallente/Caldari Battlecruiser 5, Amarr/Gallente Crusier 5, Thermodynamics 5, Resistance Phasing 5, All Amarr Subsystems to 5, Armor Layering 5, All armor compensation skills to 5, Remote Armor rep systems 5, Amarr Battleship 5.

Some Capital Skills examples:
Fighters 5, Jump Drive Calibration 5, Amarr/Gallente Dreadnought 1,Amarr Carrier 4, Gallente Carrier 2, Caldari Carrier 1, Tactical Logistics Configuration 3,

Further Details can be found on Eve Boards here :

Start bid and Reserve is 40b.
Buyout offers will be considered but any in game offers will be posted here or updated accordingly.

Happy Bidding :slight_smile:


45b Buyout Offer

53 bil

53.5 bil

54 bil

Bump of the day :slight_smile: Auction is well and truly off :slight_smile:

Bump of the day :slight_smile:

Maizie Fields is the Winner of the Auction, with a Bid of 54 Bil.
Once contact is established Transfer will Commence, once funds are received,
Thank you all and Fly safe :slight_smile:

The ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks!

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