[Auction] GM Hotep's Frozen Corpse - Unique - SOLD<<<<<


Auction will until Halloween (October 31st)

The auction is for a GM CORPSE - specifically GM Hotep’s Frozen Corpse

Proof of his ONLY 1 death here making this a ONE of a KIND item:

Starting Bid: 4 Billion ISK
Reserve: NONE
Buyout: 10 Billion ISK

There will be a 3rd party handling the exchange (no exceptions) ,

You may choose a reasonable 3rd party as long as they have a good record in eve and a untarnished history of 3rd party transfers.

I recommend Elizabeth Norn if she is willing.

All off topic replies will be reported, but I do love free salty bumps.

Buyer beware, known scammer and even brags about it. There is no way to verify corpses.



Not wanting to affirm a known scammer, but I just sold this corpse to them for 1.2B as you can see in my thread below.

This is a legit corpse, though if you want to buy it, you should use a trusted third party like Elizabeth Norn and NOT use trade windows which is a trademark scam of Serenity Fireslayer.

However, I can confirm I was in Otoh on this day during GM week and I witnessed both the destruction of the Cerberus and capsule and I scooped the corpse on that day.

For interest, Bjornbee was FC for the Gamesmasters on that day.

1b offer

sorry 1b offer is a joke

Nah 1b-2b is about par for the course, and Ill offer 2b.

Its the most ive paid for any one corpse, including CCPs, most major FCs and corp/alliance leaders. The problem is that its a collectors item that really has no way of being shown off, unlike a ship, mod or skin. The people that pay the most are those who have a place to put them.


I appreciate the bid but its the ONLY one of this dudes corpses in existence right now

Ironic haha when you offered me 650m for it :smiley:


Sold to someone ingame using a 3rd party (Thank you Elizabeth Norn)

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