What was the largest trade window scam ever?

I just scammed a goons ceo dude for 50b+ via tradewindow in the form of 51million for 2x Azbel bpos (me5pe12) assuming they are worth 50b+ where would i rank on the scale of largest trade window scams ever?

What’s that?

one of the goons ceo’s

Any scam that fks GSF/CFC is the best scam ever. Also, has Alex received his cease and desist letter from GamesWorkshop yet?

Huh?.. I smell a tale (or maybe just a meme?) there… wazzat about then?

@Markus_Jameson - the name imperium

how do you know my real life name?

Huh what?

So it’s “Smell” then… no? OK then how about “Tale”… not that either, then “Meme” perhaps?

Oh oh I know!! (^ jumps up & down excitedly)… it’s “Wazzat” isn’t it?


\o/ \o/ Alex (is it?) I think you meant to reply to @Forseti_Valkyrie :wink:

Forseti Valkyrie asked if ALEX recieved… how does he know my real life name?

I think you are being funny or ignorant.
In case of the latter please be informed that he is most likely referring to Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco. A namesake of yours.

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