[Auction][SOLD] Capital Turret Hardpoint BPO

(Anne Pollard) #1

SOLD, auction over

Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint Original

Details: Stock blueprint original (0 ME / 0 TE)

Starting/minimum bid: 1,000,000,000.00 ISK (1 billion)
Minimum bid increment: 25,000,000.00 ISK (25 million)
Buyout price: 1,350,000,000.00 (1 billion and 350 million)

NPC sell price: 1,519,000,000.00+ (1 billion and 519 million+)

Closing date and time: Sept. 3. 2017. 11:00 (downtime)
Item Location: Jita 4-4

You can bid here or via mail in-game.

SOLD, auction over

Your fattest can?
(Pils Vynneve) #2

I’ll start off with 1B

(Elizabeth Norn) #3

I’ll take the 1.35b buyout please.

(Anne Pollard) #4

@Elizabeth_Norn Sent you a station trade not long ago but you seem AFK. Also mailed you so you know how to reach me if you are back.

Thus the auction is still open and bids can still be placed until I state otherwise.

(Anne Pollard) #5

Sold to a recent offer in-game for buyout price. Auction is over. Thank you for all the bids.

(system) #6

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