"Audio Enabled" always unchecked?

Ahoy there!

Sorry if this is a common issue, but a quick search didn’t show anything quite the same. So some time back I unchecked the “Audio Enabled” box in the in-game menu, and no matter how many times I log in and check it it’s still unchecked (and no sound, obviously) next time I log in. While playing the sound does start a little while after I check that box, but it seems the client forgets it when I log off.

Thanks in advance to the sage who can solve this - I am stumped.

I would suggest clearing the cache, though I wouldn’t be too hopeful. EVE has a long history of randomly not saving settings between logins. I’ve had 2 accounts running where one would save a setting between logins and the other wouldn’t. I’ve had the same account on different installs not remember settings consistently. The advice you’re going to get will include starting at clearing client cache, clear client settings, clear launcher cache and settings, all the way to a full reinstall on a different computer.

Thanks for the advice. Luckily I didn’t have to go so far as to reinstall, clearing cache and settings on client and launcher was enough. I’ll remember to start from there next time. :wink:

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