Audio skip

I have noticed an audio skip in game at what appears to be intermittent intervals. All my drivers are up to date. Any input on sollutions? Have also selected all the modes like fixed and windows mode etc.

Overworked/overheated CPU? Broken audio hardware? Slow memory like DDR-2400? Less than 8Gb memory? Malware/spyware using CPU?

not over clocked or over heated audio works fine in all other applications RAM speed 2600 16GB no malware detected

If you’re using audio over HDMI or Displayport I would also recommend a full uninstall and reinstall of video drivers, that has sorted some issues for me in other games

Think I figured it out. Was running my Nova pro wireless headset thru a hub. Once I went straight into the PC it seems to have fixed the issue.

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Grats. Just curious - powered hub or unpowered?

powered by usb port

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