Issues with the UI Sound or Sound in General

I started having sound issues today. I also did a factory reset on my laptop last night. I am using an Alienware M17 R4. I’m honestly not sure where to start looking for the issue. I’ve checked the Alienware Command Center Sound Controls, my Razer AppEngine THX Sound Controls, I’ve turned all enhancements off, all of them on. I’ve used just my onboard card with no software in-between the audio and the game.

So the PRIMARY issue is once I’ve logged in and I am in station the sound will randomly go higher and then cut out. The UI sounds. Not sure if it’s world sounds or what but it’s all still UI sounds. It’s incredibly annoying.

So two issues really the SECONDARY issue is it now takes forever for my client to load once I have selected my character. I have 32 GBs RAM and a 16GB GDDR GeForce RTX 3070. Not sure why I’d be having this issue. Once it does eventually load however, everything loads really slow. For example of I open my inventory all the images are slow to load. I know it’s a fresh install and my first time logging in so things need to cache but I’ve never had this problem. Not even on this laptop. Not on past PC’s not even with a fresh install.

I’ve tried running EVE Through Steam as well as a standalone download through the website.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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