Many audio missing

Hi! After many years, I wanted to return to Eve Online. I logged in and realized that the sounds I knew were missing or no longer available? I don’t hear any UI sounds, ship sounds, voice output. Only music and world sounds can be heard. If I set this to 0, everything stays silent.
My sound output goes via HDMI as 5.1 multichannel to a DENON AVR X2700H. Even if I set the sound output to stereo, the sound stays away.

My setup:
windows 10
Intel 6700K
GeForce 1080+
all latest drivers installed

Are the sounds simply no longer available? Or is it just missing the center channel? Did you have similar problems?

Best regards and thank you!

Small feedback on my part: the sound is actually there. But very, very quiet. I need to set UI Sounds to +90, most of the rest to 10 (left tab) and my overall volume very high.
I have now tried a different sound card, different connection and headphones. Same result.
For comparison: if I were to watch a film at this system volume on my sound system, my wife would throw me out of the house. :smiley:
Don’t you have these problems? Or didn’t pay attention? Completely reinstalled the game, loaded all assets and checked all settings multiple times. No chance of improvement so far. :confused:

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