Eve client sound volume suddenly much higher than normal

Starting about a week ago or so, I noticed that the volume in Eve Online has become skewed to being very loud.
To get the volume close to where it used to be, around the middle of most of the sliders, I had to slide most slides far to the left, to around 2 or 3 ticks. Most sliders used to be set to about 50 ticks.
The only thing I can think of that changed on my system is a new windows update. There was no Eve client update that I remember when this started.

My windows build is Windows 10 home build # 19041.508.

The sound volume for the rest of my PC’s software has not been affected.
Any ideas on how to reset the Eve Client volume settings?

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Yeah, about a week ago I started noticing issues with the Eve sound, mainly about half of the time the music won’t play.

As for settings, my issue is the opposite. Aura’s voice got muffled as well as World sounds so I had to max those 2 sliders to 100, the music level set to 40 and the overall volume slider set to 60.

:red_circle: For some reason this happens every other day to a random account of mine. They also reset the display settings to Full Screen. As long as Full Screen stays enabled, the sound settings reset every time I log in. Once I switched Full Screen back to Fixed Window, the sound settings also stay back at the levels I adjusted them to.

They also play the intro every time their #CCPQualityCoding resets the display settings and that only stops after I set the display settings back to Fixed Window.

Eve has sound?

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