Audio Tekniqa seeking Miner/Industrialists/Ratters for 0.0 operations

Audio Tekniqa is a predominately industry based corporation operating out of deep nullsec. As renters we do not need the participate in coalition pvp operations - ctas - etc… though we do provide bonus’s (isk not medals) for those who do go out of their way to do so. We are newly moved to our new system, and are opening up for recruitment after several months of preparation.

Our objectives are to establish ourselves as a market feeding entity deep in 0.0 as well as a source of cheap pre-made doctrine vessels on contract. To do this we need to be able to facilitate it with industry-mining as well as secure facilities to do it from. Which requires a combat wing.

We intend to raid WH regularly once numbers are high enough and ship deployment capabilities are met, that and Black Ops. Our ceo is a former alliance security director and fc in Wh for years and BLOPs fc for almost a decade and though we are industrial at the moment that is just the start. So those with long term vision will understand why industry must be realized before pvp on a major scale of any sort is viable without out of game injections of isk to fund SRP or pimp fits for high end pvp.

We offer:
-Azbel engineering complex owned and maintained by corp with facilities for capitol construction-generic manufacturing-invention-research-etc…
-Athanor refinery for moon mining operations
-Max boosts
-Access to alliance JF service as well as a corp JF for critical asset acquisition
-Isolated dead end station system with Ice belt and a good spread of planets for Planetary Interaction
-Access to Triumvirate and coalition fleets for pvp
-Blues all around for many jumps
-Advancement Opportunities for those interested. We are looking to grow that means more officers to help maintain the status-quo
-Instead of an Ore buyback scheme to syphon isk from our members we only have members take part in 2 x a week corp moon mining ops and aside from that do what you want with Your ore. If you wish to sell , we may buy, or if you wish to build with it, we have the facilities, the choice is yours, it is fluid.

We are seeking:
-Miners capable of flying at the minimum a mining barge with t2 mining and light combat drones and decent shield tanking skills
-Experienced Industrialists are what we are primarily aimed at. Miner/Industrialists in particular. Multi-boxer miners are also most welcome.
-Rorqual and Jump Freighter Pilots

We are not interested in :
-Alpha accounts
-Inactive Players - we aren’t slavedrivers or whatever, but we do like activity and those who are proactive are the best type of pilots to have in corp. So we strive to only keep players of that type around.

If you are interested , feel free to convo or send an eve mail to Iiniku Meiko Ushijima for an invite to our channel. Uninvited applications with be auto-rejected.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you soon,
Audio Tekniqa management

“In Nuggets we Trust”

Ill check in with your chat later. Im interested

Daily Bump…

I am also interested can you send me a mail? I’m a Rorq Pilot

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I joined a little over a week ago and this is a great Corp! Leadership is highly active and engaged. Helpful members and a team spirit. The home system is great! Nice PI planets with favorable tax, beautiful null ice belt, and constant ore anomalies. We often go hours without seeing neuts; very quiet and secluded.

Daily Bump… Looking for more Miners. Rocks are too many , we are too few. Lets change that… Hit us up in " Audio Tekniqa Lounge " channel for more info.

On the lookout for more pilots. Specifically on the prowl for exhumer pilots and capitol construction pilots. Hit us up if you are interested or what to learn more.

What TZ do most of your current members come from?

Currently we operate in both the EU post downtime -> US TZ
The majority are US players, with several EU. Most of us are very very active so cover several tz with our gameplay…

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Sent you a message in game, hope to chat soon.

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