August release - General feedback



Just ask for the old, readable, simple map. Maby they’ll switch eventually. I don;t understand how they could release something like this.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #43

Just found regression in standings windows.

In old standings tab in info window you could see the list of standing transactions by simply right clicking the entity like this: kuva

In new info window there is NO WAY to get standing transactions. To get the info you must now go to your character sheet -> interactions -> standings and search the entity you want to see. In old one you jsut right clicked the entity and chose “show transactions”.

The old way to see these transactions was much more intuitive and useful. I think it would be good to get the right click option of “show transactions” on entities back. Best would be if it would open the old styled standing transactions window but it would work just fine if it would open the standings page in character sheet with the entity selected. So right clicking caldari faction anywhere would have option “open in standings window” and would open this:

(but the old standing transaction window would be better still)

The standing transaction panel in new standings page is also less accurate than the old standing transactions window. As you can see in images above the old window would show up to four decimals while the new window only shows max three digits, the old precision should be brought back. The new standing transaction panel also does not show time of the transaction, only date is shown. Bot of these are useful for end user.

Updated UI must not show less info than the old UI.

(Hirmuolio Pine) #44

On closer look this isn’t just small regression. The new standing window does not show percentage changes at all!

The new standing window only shows the absolute standing change. There is no way to see how large % hit or gain you got at one point. It is also rather complicated to calculate by hand since the history only shows the effective standing after skills.

(Rivr Luzade) #45

Better get used to this, because it is a general theme in recent CCP development.

(Lara Estidal) #46


It is sad to see the captains quarters get removed


I’m missing the captains quarters , too.

(Sannye) #47

The new map is hardly usefull, very hard to get any info, the lines that shows neighbouring systems are very hard to see. Any statisticics is hidden behind alot of clicks. All in all, this map may have some bling effect, but it’s usefullness is very limited, to put it nice.

(Joia Crenca) #48

On the PVE side, I notice that the level of agent is a light, faint grey. Could this be made a bit more visible? Thanks.

(zluq zabaa) #49

@CCP_Phantom I can’t simulate ships anymore. It started with me trying to simulate the Victor, which can’t be simulated (despite being given the option). This apparently produces an error which can’t be fixed by restarting. I did it on TQ, but Simulation of ships in general also fails for SiSi. I used another char to try reproduce this error. So yeah, trying to simulate the Victor (and possibly the Virtuoso) results in overall and persistent failure of simulation.

Would be nice if this could be fixed rather quickly. Thanks :slight_smile:

p.s. Looks like “Reset HUD” under “Reset Settings” disappeared.

(Blade Darth) #50

Map- beside looking for system (to set destination) or active cyno’s, it’s terrible. dotlan does a much, much better job at displaying useful data (connections etc) in an easy-to-see manner (something you want while roaming trough unknown area). But id does look pretty.
10/10 for trailers and such,
3/10 as in-game tool.

Scanning thingies- 9.5/10 love it. Would remove the last 3 sig characters (so we get (xxx-) since they are kinda useless anyway but in general its amazing QoL improvement(s).

Standng ui- meh, I don’t care. Looks better?

Agency Event- 10 trash cans out of 10.

(Ima Wreckyou) #51

Visually the standing UI looks beautiful, but the information it contains is still very confusing.

The bar on the top for example seams to indicate what agents I have access too. But sometimes I might have access to better agents already because of faction standing, this is completely missing. And I can’t even figure out from the corp windows what agents I have access too, the only way to see that now is with the agent finder.

A good start to make it beautiful, but not useful at all in my opinion

(Soldarius) #52

Whore guns are a thing.

(Lulu Lunette) #53

I feel like I enjoy probing more and don’t wanna log out because I’d lose my progress! Please make it so we can share scan results as a corp, how awesome would that be? And so we won’t lose all the stuff we’ve scanned due to a socket close or a logout. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Seriously though I love the new scanning mechanic where it stays after you leave system. The more stuff that’s built into the game instead of through a website the better.

(Grid Dekew) #54

It’s a bit late but I’ve been meaning to comment on the beta map update. I’ve been playing for only 2 months so I’ve only used the beta map. The map was challenging to use but I managed. However, this latest update really made the map less usable. I used to be able to see SECURITY STATUSES (and differentiating colors) for the entire map and it made picking destinations and checking routes much easier. Now it seems that I can only see security statuses for the selected region unless I change the region or hover over a particular system. As a few others have noted, the lines are harder to see and the names of the systems are missing. The map is so much less useful overall that I actually stopped exploring because of it. I used the last version of the beta map extensively when plotting my high/low sec exploration routes but now I just find it too difficult. Please at least add an option to see all system names and security statuses. Thx

(Gadwad) #55

The new agency event is even worse than the previous two. What’s going on with this?

(Javfar Lafisques) #56

The new one is gear towards new players.

(Gilderan) #57

Just noticed this on one of my other toons and wanted to know if anyone else has this issue.

Have a standing of 3.05 with an NPC corp and the level 2 & 3 agents won’t allow missions to be offered claiming I need a standing above 3.0. Standings were increased over the last few days.

Checked this post vodka consumption last night (:slight_smile:) and yep I wasn’t that pissed!

Have logged a bug report but curious if anyone else has come across this.