August release - General feedback

I like the improvements to the scanning probe window, it’s very convenient not to have to type the ID when saving.

I wish the signatures would persist even after a DC though since I suffer frequent Disconnect, not much good it does as is…


Imo the changes to the new starmap suck. I can hardly Navigate. Yesterday it was very okay. For me for the following reasons:

  1. Add a option to show all System names of every system not just the selected lines/Region. I neeed to see the system Names. ALL of them

  2. The Cameras “top/down” axis is missing/locked?! Hard to explain. Try to get under a system with probe scanning. This will work. Now try with the new map. It will work after a while but not very smooth, controls aren’t the same.

  3. Connection lines like mentioned above.

Players will now be disqualified from being rewarded for participation in Incursion sites if they have not dealt any damage or assisted other players through logistics. Does this mean that people who applied some sort of ewar only such as a web loki or paint vigil are disqualified from receiving payout?

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Bring back the captains quarter.
I logged off instantly when i noticed it…

kinda like to look at my chars when i am bored.

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Like the change to scanning. Hated jumping from system to system and having to rescan everything (or manually write down the sigs so I knew which ones to “re-ignore”).

Not liking the change to the Standings UI. I used to be able to open an agent’s info, r-click on my standings and select “show transactions” so I could seen how many missions I’ve done (and what the standings boost for each was as well).
I could also r-click over the Corp standings and select “show compositions” to see how my corp mates standings are (and the same with the Corp’s standings with a Faction).
Now opening the window just shows my individual standings with that agent/corp/faction and I have to open my Character window, select Interactions, select Standings and then scroll through dozens and dozens of factions/corps/agents to find the one I want and the list of “transactions” I’ve had with that agent/corp/faction. (Note: the list can be sorted in different ways in case you prefer searching alphabetically or by standings.)

To find the Corps standings now I have to open the Corp window, select Standings, select NPC Standings then scroll down 66 entries to get to the corp that I am currently doing missions for (depending on how the standings are sorted.)

Wow - used to be able to do all that just by opening an Agent’s window and right-clicking over the agent/corp or faction.
(ps: which setting do I need to click to turn off the notifications every time my standings change because I’ve killed a rat ? I keep (un)clicking different “Popup Visibility” items and I am still getting a notification almost every time I kill a rat.)

Haven’t used the new (Beta) map too much but I see the issue other posters have raised concerning the colours of the connecting lines.
Also noticed that when you zoom in on a system a small box appears by the sun and notes something like “3 records found” or “9 records found” when in actuality it is referring to how many “Stations” are in that system (maybe change “records” to “stations” ?)
Also, maybe consider allowing people to make more than 1 selection when filtering the map. For example, if I want to filter by Services, I can only pick 1 item (say “Clone Bay”). However I may want to look for stations that have Clone Bays as well as Repair Facilities. Or maybe Manufacturing and Reprocessing facilities (etc etc).

The “Agency” challenge. Still a bit buggy. I had the window open while doing the challenges and when I got to 9/10 pirates killed (under Angelic Serpents) the counter froze. Same when I got to 995,000,000 isk under “Bountiful Prey”, and it (initially) didn’t give me credit for completing a “Lucky Clash” site (I actually tried to go back to it thinking I’d missed something but of course it was gone). I also noticed that the small info panel just under the system (and Route) info (top-left of screen) was showing the amount that was “frozen” in the main window.
Closing the window (not just minimizing it) and then re-opening it cleared it up however.
Also, regarding that info panel (under the system/route info). Right now when it is open it shows one of the challenges (i.e. Bountiful Prey) and there is no way to change what it is showing.
Perhaps add a scroll to it so you can cycle through the challenges and see which are complete (without opening the main Agency window) ? Or have it default to whichever challenges are still waiting to be done ? I’d prefer the first option as then I could set it to whichever of the challenges I wanted to do next.

Oh and the “Red Shark” battleships ? Seriously ? The first Lucky Clash I went to I was in a T3 dessie. When I saw a faction battleship warp in I almost needed a change of underwear ! I decided to try a couple shots at it to gauge it’s toughness (hoping I’d be able to escape and come back in a bigger ship).
Turns out I could probably kill those things in an Ibis ! Momma Mia - are they equipped with T1 rocket launchers and zero resists ?
Hmmm - going to go get and Ibis and try it just for giggles…


Speaking of structure changes. Data Sites will occasionally have bpc’s for POS’s in the loot. Is there an eta when we will see different bpc’s or the removal of these items?

What Infinite Destruction said. Function first then form.

Patiently waiting for the day when you finally realize Daniel Hoffend figured out what Eve map should be, pay the guy licence and integrate that. It’s a pancake not a cluster.

What’s with BC obsession?

Missed opportunity. Yes, persistent (when you fix bugs) sigs are nice. Auto-ID BMs, fine. But you went through all the trouble of making scans persist through session changes and yet they still don’t persist between individual scans? Who in their right mind would code ship scanner so it ditches result for a worse one? If I’ve scanned a sig to say 75% then I’m keeping that not resetting it to 0% because next probe ball didn’t encompass that sig. Logic? No?
Also, recall probes shortcut please.


The event is a single disaster, nice for those who are still going through the coplexity of EVE! I as a miner look in the tube and bake again very small rolls!
Greetings from the last hole of the rearmost row

Hey guys, well I like the Agency this time around. It’s got me flying a PvP Drake and hunting out rat types I don’t normally seek. And with just 5 days left on the event already, I better not miss any of these challenges!

The new F10 map is really nice and I think I’ll be looking less at the F11 Map browser - that’s how nice it is! I’ve not found a decent replacement for the ingame browser version of DOTLAN and I feel like this was a good step in the right direction.

I don’t care for having a bell everytime my standings adjusts but I guess we have to make people aware you can adjust that easily enough on the notifications settings

:purple_heart: Great job! :relaxed:

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That too. Why not do some thing like different challenges need to be done in different ships (Frig, Dessie, Cruiser, etc). (With corresponding levels of difficulty and rewards.) Could toss in some other things like having to do things in an Indy ship, or some mining/salvaging/manufacturing. (Like an upgraded version of the new pilot tutorial, with more difficult objectives and ship requirements.)

ps: I did kill a Red Shark BS in an Ibis - but I had to equip it with T2 rockets and a single T2 Hobgoblin. Not quite enough DPS (or tank) when using just 2 civilian Gatling railguns and all “civilian” fittings (and a T1 drone). Almost though.
(I would have killed another one just using a single T2 Hobgoblin (because I forgot to change ammo when I changed to launchers) but when I got the him into about 40% hull he warped off.)

I would love us to look into this when we get some time.

Having it on a client session is a big improvement, but if we could get it persisting over a downtime and disconnects and etc this would be even better.


No longer can I drag-and-drop a system name into chat from its Show Info page, like how we could before, and still can with all sorts of other entities.

If I want to link a [not-current] system, it seems that I must set it as a destination and then link from the waypoint list where it points to the destination.

… ???


The old starmap is still far superior. I see the changes you made, but you didn’t make it better.

  • Performance of the new map is inferior to the old map. It is sluggish and unresponsive.
  • The new map lines between systems are too faint to see outside of the selected area
  • The clickable labels up top for region, constellation, etc, don’t have a way to unselect one of those three options, and they are unresponsive sometimes
  • There is no way I can find to configure the colors of the lines between systems to show sov (green lines for blue space), red lines for hostile space
  • The data visualizations are not as good as the old map
  • the jump bridge arcs in null show up as bright green lines and the rest of the lines are practically invisible. It makes our space look ridiculous
  • The stars are somehow not clear

This is a step backward from the previous beta map which was, imo, unusable. These changes were ineffective and badly implemented.

Let’s talk about the event. You have to be kidding me. The rewards are absolute ■■■■. I will not spend one moment on this event. This is worse than the last one.

I have not had a chance to go exploring yet. I look forward to the probe scanner window changes.


That’s a good question. Most ships that apply ewar in incursion sites also apply DPS, so I don’t think it would come up too often, but… still, good point.

In any event, that change, despite being on the patch notes for Tuesday/Wednesday… is not live or at least not functioning correctly as of now.

A Mach warped into a VG site my fleet was running a night ago about 5 seconds before the end of the site and got payout despite not firing his guns (site payout thieving bastard!)…

Other questions about this new “feature”:

So, logi will get payout for repping. Will boosters get payout for boosting? Or will they have to do repping (logi work) or shooting/droning (DPS work) to get payout? IOW, is the booshing enough on its own to count as participation. Very important for solo-boxing on-grid boosters to know, and there are a lot of FCs who hope it’s the other way so they can fit a DPS back on grid and just have the booster NOT rep or shoot and not get payout (if it’s an alt, ofc).

And, also: if a ship came on grid (in fleet, of course) and just sat there the whole site, receiving reps while being primaried, but never repped, shot, or boosted… would it get payout? (if not, Orca mobile depots / ammo resupply / lyavite delivery systems on grid will be a thing!)

They have 7500 hp. Can be two-shot by blasterboats like Vindicators/Kronoses, 4-6 shot by most t3cs. (probably can be easily one shot by any large arty fit ship, aka Tornado or any arty-fit battleship)

I wouldn’t say they’re fit with t1 rocket launchers, tho, they actually do some pretty good damage to cruisers/BCs/battleships. Someone asked me if I thought they were firing torps or cruise missiles, I answered I think RHML, when it first starts shooting it does 0 damage for some reason and then immediately usually somewhere around 1000-1400 damage quite quickly after. Fires pretty fast but not steadily, weird.

It’s definitely a glass cannon. And a bounty of 20,000. The lowest battleship bounty in all of NPCdom was 250,000 ISK before this, I believe. 20,000 is like tipping a waitress with a penny. Might as well have no bounty at all, CCP, come on. Would it kill the markets to give somewhere around 200,000 to 500,000 per Barghest kill in these sites? Raise the HP to like 30,000 while you’re at it if you want to. Right now, a Lucky Clash pays less ISK than doing the lowest level anom in HS (hideaways)… there are frigs and cruisers with higher bounties than the Barghest! o_o

Can we talk about the new standings UI? I am hesitant to file a bug report, maybe it works as designed but it surprised me. I completed a number of missions today and when I noticed the issue I grabbed good screen shots. Please observe the significant +0.462 gain received on 2017.08.09 as a non-ambiguous reference:

My action last night was turning in tags to Data Center agents, all with the same mission name. The most recent event above earned +0.1 and you can see the result of two more events below, +0.101 and +0.247 respectively:

I was surprised to see the result of the +0.1 event recalculated to +0.088 and to the point, now the promotion is only valued at +0.407 – much less!

EXPECTED: events display the standings change at the time completed
ACTUAL: historical events display the % impact to current standings

… does what I said make sense? Is this the intended design? Thanks!

Yeah, WTH, CCP removed the CQ?!

I like it, for the immersion factor while AFK, and I assume, character building for newbros.

So why exactly will newbros be spending 2 hours getting their avatars right then, when they will never see it again? They should scrap the entire Character generation process as well, to save time, effort and future frustration. All you need is a tiny face for that little portrait up there, that’s all that remains now.

And oh oh, they didn’t remove any of the clothing and cosmetic stuff from the New Eden store. I guess CCP still want the money, not just do the work for it…

I hate the new map and i mostly agree with the previous critisms abaut it.

There is a ton of information that the map should give but it is unreadable. It should display information way simplier.

If you hover over a system the information is behind the cursor in the right bottom corner. It should be top, or left, or both.

You can’t distinguish between two orange dots that supposed to give statistics if there isn’t a hugh difference.

Also the new control panel lacks functions compared to the old old map. Here is a simple example. In highsec i want to go from A to B and on the way i would like to visit a specific loyalty point store preferably with the least additional jumps. First the new control panel has no option for displaying loyalty point stores. Second there is no option for only displaying all of a specific corporation stations on the map. ou can chose all or non. Well good luck with that. Moreover if i search for it i get all of them in a list but have to click each one separately and by clicking it moves the view to that location, but there are hundreds of stations belonging to a faction. How do i supposed to get the answer for the question? In the old old map you just chose the faction name in the control panel and the station locations were displayed as easily noticable dots. There is no option for that any more.

Now you can’t link systems from the map. Why is that?

I haven’t used dotlan yet, but i am going to use it.

It’s a shiny new map. Sadly it is way more shiny and way less than a map than should be.

Other than that i really appreciate the scanning interface improvements.


Is there supposed to be a nearly 1 gb patch update today? I was in the game and received a socket closed error that disconnected my modem to the server.

I started the launcher back up and I am now waiting on a nearly 1 Gigabyte patch.

The Map is really hard to distinguish. The lines are way too dark and i cannot create a visual map of where i am because of this. I usually knew where to find regions and specific locations on the map because i could build a visual image of the aerea where i wanted too look. Now it’s impossible for me to do that. I can’t believe u came up with this. I would like to know who was in charge when u released this verion of the map. My opinion is: Stop scewing with the map. The initial one (10 years+ old one) was better then the Beta and way better then this.
Please at least leave the option for players to switch back if they want, like it was available in the previous release.
Thank you.
If there’s a voting poll for this, please let me know, i would like to contribute negatively to the beauty of this crappy map.

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