Aussie looking for 0.0 corp in fairly safe area

I would love to join a 0.0 corp but watching local chat is very hard for me so every time I try to join a corp I end up sitting in a station non stop because there’s a red sitting in the system for days on end (which means I can’t undock at all) or system is clear and then i’m mining or ratting and first I know there’s an enemy i’m already being shot at and webbed. Because of this I lose mining barges and ravens and the like before I make enough ISK to cover their cost.

Also with how much lack of market in 0.0 there is once my ship gets destroyed I can’t do anything due to not having a ship and I get kicked from corps for not playing. Because of all this I have a long employment history in the game with alot of gaps over the years.

I have 3 accounts. This character is 35.5 mil SP and can use Drake and Ravens for missions (and salvaging noctis) and also a mining barge and with 2.5 hours of training I could even sit in an Orca though idk if I could fit it xD

Another character has 45.8 mil SP though TBH i’m not 100% sure what he can fly since the 35.5 mil character is the main one I play though I think I was setting him up to fly gallente BS drone boats.

3rd account just has a low SP hauler character.

I enjoy mining at times but I mainly like going into complexes and ratting and then salvaging.

ive fired you an ingame mail dude :smiley:

Saw you were looking for a corp. Sent you an in-game mail.

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