Auth.error_network error when launching my accounts


I’m receiving an error when trying to launch the game from my saved accounts. when I try to add an account, I get a DNS error: This site can’t be reached

production.sso’s server IP address could not be found.

The error I get when trying to launch from a saved account is: auth.error_network error.

Doing a wireshark capture, I see that my PC has sent an “A record” request to my DNS server for production.sso. The DNS server replies back with “Standard query response 0x1d27 No such name A production.sso SOA

Please file a bug report here:, and attach your launcher logs to the report.

Having the same problem, reported a bug as well.
If there is a solution please post it.
Can we just add production.sso into hosts file? Which IP should we put there while JS is fixed?

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