Automatic ping when socket closes

There has been lots connection problems with EVE recently. Some problems come from EVE side and some come from elsewhere.

I have idea to help with socket closed problems. When socket is closed EVE client makes ping attempt to EVE servers and creates report of this attempt. Then client automatically sends this report to address unrelated to EVE servers. This would give valuable feedback to CCP about these connection problems.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

In the case of DDOS mitigation, the connections aren’t “missing”… they’re being outright closed, ignored, or rejected by the mitigation partner. All of which is already easily visible if they wish to monitor them.

It’s very easy for them to see when a connection just drops, as well. They don’t need an additional report to see this. They just need to look for sessions that ended abnormally (ie not “log off”). Even Alt+F4 will cleanly close the client, and the client can cleanly terminate the session.

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