Automatic prices for a large number of orders

I live in WH and there at the station I put out a lot of orders for sale, more than 300 pieces. And when placing orders, it would be nice to make it possible to set the average price for Jita with one button with the ability to add / subtract 10-20-30%, etc. I’m not too interested in income, so I don’t want to bother and set the price for each product up to the claim. How it looks like - I select 100 random items, I click “Sell”. There is a standard accumulation of goods in the “Sale” window with prices often not corresponding to reality. After this operation is completed, the buttons “Sell Prices”, “Buy Prices”, “Average Price” and two price adjustment buttons in both directions in 10% increments appear.
I really want to develop the market in WH, but placing hundreds of orders every three months - my perseverance is not enough.

I don’t want the game being even more focused around Jita. It is somewhat okay that the players made Jita the main trading hub that de-facto defines an item’s value for a large part of the market, but having the game engine solidifying that by using these values as “standard” for universal averaging? No, hell not!

If you want to establish a market in a remote region like a WH, that means hard work. Lots of. I have done something similar in Aridia some years ago.

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Shrugs, the result then is that it just doesn’t happen.

I have nothing against the selection of multiple market orders and an increase/decrease button that applies to all selected orders. Just not an “automatic Jita average”.

In my opinion the whole market-game was a lot more interesting in times before eve-marketer or even eve-central, when you had to manually look up market hub prices and not just have spreadsheets with automated price imports. I believe this game really depends too much on third-party tools and websites already.

All sellers one way or another are guided by prices in Jita. If I fail to raise the market at my station, then everything that I could sell to my co-corps I will take out to sell in Jita, which will further strengthen her position as the central trading hub of Eve. But, as far as I understand, the developers, on the contrary, want to reduce the role of the Jita market in the game.

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