As the title suggest, we’re The AUTZ WH Alliance, Our focus is PvP. We live in a C2 with a C5/NS Staitc Combo, great for PvP and PvE alike.

Whether you are a newbro, Vet, WH ninja or some one interested in trying WH’s out - If you are an Aussie/Kiwi then this is the first place you should come to. Whilst plenty of other WH Alliance’s exist, it is unlikely they will offer the same breadth of content and community in YOUR TZ.

There are two Corps within the Alliance, Exit Strategy (corp) and Serenity Cartel. Both put PvP before anything else, but as you can expect we offer options and mentoring for those that wanna make some isk - Cause let’s face it, every one needs that isk.

If you want to know more join our public channel in game ‘Exit-Strat Public’ , just pop a wave and I’m sure some one would love to help you out!




Wanna see some of the stuff we do?

Here are some videos that I’ll try and keep updated :smiley: - this should start you off, an eviction - EXIT STRAT, the WH AUSSIE CAVALRY - some pew - Rorq killing


joining up with these guys was the BEST thing i ever did in eve…

sooo much fun to be had!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!

^love these guys

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We made eve news on the weekend - COME BE PART OF THE AUSSIE WH CAVALRY (link in my first post)

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Great guys great friends great scrubs always epic pvp if you like serious pvp with a side of funny the look no further exit is such the place

Been having a great time in this corp since we jumped into J all those years ago

let’s be real for a moment, if you’re in AUTZ, you can’t really choose. Why not just join us?

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while the server is down… read this post :slight_smile:


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Great bunch to fly with that is if you like killing stuff and listening to Punthers terrible Puns.

Come and join the Ozzies and our cannonfodder comrades the Kiwis.