AUTZ - Wormholers, PvP - EXIT STRATEGY


:parrot: :parrot: :parrot:

Still recruiting


Hello out there!

Rona is almost over, life’s going back to the “old normal”. Things are good!

For some :wink: I’d really like some old normal in the near future, but in the meantime… back to the top

Back to the top!

Haha, thanks for the parrots mate!


Random working day bump

Random non-working day bump

They’re all working days! :frowning:

And here we are again… another day older, another day… wiser? that might be a stretch

Parking myself to apply this corporation once I have settled pretty much on the necessary skills. o7



mmmm parroty goodness, cheers :slight_smile:

In wormholes, nobody can hear you scream. Unless you’re on comms - which you should be.

come on down!

Bump! :face_with_monocle: